Brick Rigs: Fighting fools on servers

Fighting inadequacies with multiplayer


Types of fools
First, we need to deal with the classification of animals., there are many types of them:
Kingdom animals:
НРпшер – goes to the rp server and gets fun, typical representative ”common nrpsher”
Common spawner. – Spawns unoptimized cars with a highly detailed interior for 14155691 brikov and rides. There are more dangerous representatives who were crossed with agro-schoolchildren.. Spawns many lagoon buildings and says that your computer is potatoes.
Offended – Frequent view. Takes weapons and shoots everyone. If you drain it – he will start to respawn and in most cases takes an RPG or a tank. View ”Offended crusher” has the power to crash the server after an offense.
Agro schoolboy ordinary – Most dangerous species, unpredictable. May offend your parents, crash the server and cover you 1451 floor mat.
Nedo-admin – fifth, which creates ”RUS RP” and starts banning everyone, who offends him.

Antidote for fools
If you meet one animal representative, above there are several remedies.
They mostly breed and multiply from the SCP video from Slavikmast.. Live on RUS RP.

There are several ways to fight:
1. Ignore. Put yourself um and ignore the fool. Do not look, don't stand on 4 feet to bark at him. He will lag behind you, maybe even rain
2. Kik. Only works if you are of the kind ”Admin Adequate”. Just ban ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
3. Lies. Most fools have a pretty weak system. You can spawn anything that lags and enjoy. This works against the type too ”admin is inadequate”
4. Go out. You can go single or go with friends. Works 100%
5. Destruction. Met with an inadequate admin? No problem. Destroy the city in a helicopter, tank and other equipment. It doesn't matter, whether you got kicked or not, the main thing – then, what did you manage to do

Red Book
Red Book of players in brick.
1. Adequate player. – normal person. does not lag, communicates politely. Doesn't spawn bullshit and just plays. There is a subspecies ”Rpsher adequate”
2. Adequate builder. – people, who builds beautiful, non-building buildings.
3. Youtuber adequate. Differs from ”youtuber inadequate” themes, which shoots adequate content, which attracts normal people to the game.

The conclusion is simple. Don't chat with fools and play with your friends. If you go to the server – remember this guide

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