Basic cheat codes for the Forest

Basic cheat codes for the Forest


How to enable developer mode-developer mode

To enable the mode developer you should be in main menu .
In the main menu, enter developermodeon And press ENTER

Basic cheat codes

1: godmode on /off – Invulnerability infinite stamina

2: buildhack on /off – Building without resources

3: itemhack on /off – Endless items (minus) you can't shoot a bow only with a crossbow

4: addallitems – Give yourself all the items that are in the game (except for plot)

5 :addallstoryitems – Will add all the story items that are in the game

7: speedrun on /off – Super run

8: revealcavemap – Explores the entire map

:9 buildallhosts – Builds all hosted projects

10: lightingtimeofdayoverride morning day – night night – the change of night and day

11: cutdowntrees – (quantity%) Cuts down any number of trees as a percentage

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