Bestiary of enemies Resident Evil Village

This guide will describe all the enemies, which can be found in the game. ATTENTION! Spoilers supported!



Former villagers, which are different, from zombies from past games, increased hairiness and sharp teeth. Very fast and sharp opponent, can dodge bullets. Werewolves represent the main class of opponents, which will meet throughout the game.


Also the former inhabitants of the ancient, but the victims of Moreau's experiments. Move slowly, unlike werewolves, you can not run but just run around. Living dead armed with swords, axes and sickles. Live in the basements of the castle, in cemeteries


More advanced Moroiki, that have grown wings and a long tongue. Learned to fly. Can be found on the roof of the castle, or see how they fly, crossing the bridge to “dollhouse”.


Or developer trolling or localization error, but this kind of enemies from “thugs” name only. The same slow, like the moroiki. at the end there will be an armored version. Armor will amuse you, because. it looks like a virtual reality helmet.

Big werewolf

A more advanced brother of an ordinary werewolf. Bodybuilder in Playwolf magazine. Has an armored mask, which protects the head. Added a bit of HP and damage to you. Dangerous adversary. In the middle of the game, an alpha werewolf can be found in the vicinity of the church..


Another werewolf representatives in this bestiary. They resemble very werewolves from the witcher and their habits and movement. Has a keen hearing, who hears everything around. Can't run away, because. moves very quickly in huge jerks.


Werewolf Mini Boss, armed with a huge sledgehammer. Sometimes when searching for treasures, his friends meet, but armed with axes, giant bald opponents.

Soldier Aynes

Local Terminators Skynet representatives in the game. Victims of experiments by a local doctor “Frankenstein” Karl Heisenberg. Armored, armed with a huge drill instead of a hand. Constantly wants to make another hole in the body of the protagonist, not planned by nature.

Soldier Zwai

The same Aynes soldier, but already has 2 drills instead of hands.

Jet soldier

More advanced soldier with drills.

Armored soldier

The final evolution of the Aynes soldier. Heavily armored enemy.


Karl Heisenberg's failed experiment to implant a jet engine into the flesh. Helicopter boss in one word.

Karl Heisenberg

Dr. Frankenstein and the factory owner. Not proven, but maybe he came up with Skynet.

Sisters of Dimitrescu

Three daughters of Lady Dimitrescu – White, Cassandra and Daniela.

Alcina Dimitrescu

Local Sex Goddess, the owner of the largest bust in the entire Resident Evil universe.


Water, one of the dumbest characters in the game. Frog, which lives in slime.


Embryo, who lives in the Beneviento house. Constantly looking for something to eat.

Donna Beneviento and Angie

Roofed Noblewoman, ruled by a doll. although you can say the doll is her brain. because. Kadu is distributed among all the dolls in her house..


The main antagonist of the game and the final boss of the game. It was from her that Ozwell Spencer learned about ple

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