Geometry Dash: How to pass Stereo Madness

In this guide, I am nothing, absolutely nothing interesting to tell. Go, put a dislike, and go play further, but if you are special, Read this, and, maybe you will understand the meaning of life.


learning to jump

1.undergoing training,
(settings icon -> How to play (не Help, then the link with the developer) -> we are going through training.)
Everything, you can jump, and to fly.


Now we go into Stereo Madness, and press esc.
A menu appears.
Click on green crystal (like in Sims).
Now we have the mode turned on practices.
This is when these green crystals constantly appear behind your back (if not, then look in the same Auto-checkpoints menu).
What do they give?
As soon as you crash against some kind of obstacle, you reborn in that place, where is this crystal.
So that put this crystal, or remove it, need to press Z (put) X (delete).

control passage

When did you first, after a hundred attempts, Stereo Madness passed in practice, you, I'm sure I was proud of myself. But still ahead. You have to go through SM(Stereo Madness) a whole hundred more times, until your number of attempts is reduced to 8-3 attempts.
Then you can already start trying to pass SM.

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