Soulworker: Top 5 akash vs bosses (With video)

In this guide I will tell you about 5 the most useful in my opinion akasha cards against bosses and briefly why they are.


Video version of the guide

№5 Thread

This card – improved version of Shiho, which gives soul vapor or simply rage for flashes, at the same time, compared to Shiho, this card gives a little less rage, but plus more from above gives 10% soul force or mana for skills every 10 seconds.

With this SF card, consider that it will not end at all and at the same time you can often squeeze out flashes, which will help, for example, on the same Hidden Hideout to immunize some attacks.

№4 Junk Queen

Quite good damage card, especially well suited for characters who deal a lot of quick hits (Erwin, Stella, slightly worse than Haru).

At any blow with a chance 15% gives us 700 Crete. damage and 5% damage to bosses on 4.5 seconds, and stacks up to 4 time, that is, the maximum increase can be 2800 Crete. damage and 20% damage to bosses for a while, which is very good and will allow you to quickly kill fat bosses in the last dungeons.

Friday №3 (5 Stars)

Will allow us to strike faster, because. gives a constant increase in the form 15% attack speed, again very efficient for Erwin, Stella and Haru, for the rest a little worse but also very good.

The dark №2

Boosts damage to bosses very strongly, gives 1000 attacks and 11% permanent damage to bosses, good for all the characters of the lonely, one of the strongest cards in the game for PVE in my opinion.

№1 Catherine

Katherine is probably the strongest card against bosses and a principle for clearing dungeons like Altar of Void, Hidden Hideout, Lunar Fall, where the goal is to kill the fat armored boss / bosses.

Only Arua can compete in strength with this card.. Katerina gives us whole 17% permanent damage to bosses, and this is a lot and will allow you to go through dungeons with bosses much faster.

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