People Playground: how to cook gors egg

I will tell you how to cook scrambled eggs from the gorse egg!


What to do?
You sit there is no food in the fridge, and go to the store very far yes?

Precisely make food yourself and I will help you make one of the most delicious dishes from the world people playground!

Where to find the egg
You need to find the gorse egg, it is in the nest, no matter how old the egg and the nest, take the egg, maybe you have already killed the gors 1000 years ago and did not pay attention to this suspicious cocoon, the main thing is not to break the egg, because the little gors has been preserved there since those years, or it has just appeared.

Where to lay the egg
Carry the egg carefully so it doesn't break, do not put it in the refrigerator because the egg is large and will not fit into it.

Something is wrong…
You are thoughtful, something is wrong…Oh sure you don't have a frying pan, you can build one or…

Where to find a frying pan
Buy in the store why build it, go to the nearest store and buy a frying pan size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL

Cooking 1
And so let's get down to cooking, first, break the egg on a frying pan, we choose the temperature of the stove to your taste if it is normal 500 etc, and if with a twinkle and the hunt for the bone of the gorse, then 1000,

Cooking 2
Cooking gors from 5-7 every minute we throw up the gors, add different seasonings, You can't eat the gors now because inside the gors you have to pump out all the acid, well, if you don't have to pump out the gors anyway, and if you are a robot pump up the horsa with the contents of the robot,

the end
So the gorse egg dish is ready, this dish can be called HORSE, okay, Bon Appetit!
From orange

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