People Playground: Crispy gorse meat sticks

Today our chef Valentin will show you how to CORRECTLY cook crispy meat sticks from gors, I will comment on the process, leading. Let's start!


Meat preparation

so, in order to make good and tasty sticks from the gorse, we need to choose the right gorsa, it is important that he be as young as possible, it is necessary to keep the gorse juicy.

Start cooking.

So that our gors does not suffer, we will kill him quickly with an accurate blow to the head.
Excellent, gorsa we “calmed down” it is now necessary to quickly prevent the loss of his blood! After all, it is she who makes the gorsa juicy.

Wonderful! Our gors are almost ready for cooking!

Now we get the chainsaw, if you don't have it, you can try to cut it with an ax.

Ask me, why do we need a chainsaw? The fact is that the gorse skin is very thick and difficult to cut.. Let's start cutting the mountain.

We can safely throw out the head, because there are mainly fangs with brains, there is practically no meat.

Wonderful roast with a crust.

If you get to this point, then you have already prepared the meat.

First you need to pour more oil into the pan., we will do as in french fries. We turn on the stove for about 150 degrees, we put our feet of the gors on the stove and wait about 10 minutes (Every 5 minutes, the legs must be turned over so that they are evenly fried)

Valentine's already drooling! He just can't wait to taste these juicy legs!

Has passed 10 minutes and your legs are on fire! This is a sign of readiness! It is necessary to quickly take some kind of wet cloth and put it on the feet of the gors!


Our gorse meat sticks are ready!

You have finally prepared our sticks according to a unique recipe from us! Congratulations!

Despite the fact that our sticks are on fire, the taste remains awesome!

If desired, the sticks can be salted and pepper, also a good combination is tomatoes + wine.

CooKBooK good luck in cooking with you! Don't burn your house!

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