People Playground: A detailed guide to getting new PP achievements

As we all know , just recently a new update came out , and with it new achievements.
In this guide, I will tell you in detail how to get these ill-fated achievements. (very easy).



We'll need some atomic bombs (~16) , and a tank for mixing liquids (Blood Tank).
We must connect all the atomic bombs to this tank with a special rope. (Blood Vessel Wire) , pre-setting the mode in the tank “Pull”. When all the liquid is poured into the reservoir , we can remove atomic bombs.
We put a man , and in the same way we connect a rope to it , liquid overflows into a person (it is advisable to leave at least a little liquid , as it will be needed in one more achievement). Done.

Black Hole

Lightest achievement. We need a Decimator , and an ordinary small generator.
Fixing the Decimator low in the air , and turn on the generator , then we bring the generator close to the Decimator , and a black hole is formed. Reaching your.

My insides hurt

We take a jar of nitroglycerin , pour into the liquid mixing tank in the same way , as in the first achievement. After that , how the tank fills up completely , in the same way we pour liquid into a person , and just throw him with all his might to the ground. Done!

Volume unclamped

Take the Jukebox , and a powerful red generator (Industrial Generator). Attaching the generator to the Jukebox using a regular rope (first in the Tools list). We put a man , turn on the Jukebox and the generator , and just waiting , until the person's head explodes. Profit!

Potion seller

We need the same liquid from atomic bombs , Water Breathing Syringe , and an empty syringe. In the same way, we connect the reservoir with atomic liquid and WBS to an empty syringe. , and pour liquid into this syringe. Done!

Guardian EMP

We need a man , Velcro grenade (Sticky Grenade) , and EMP generator. In this achievement everything is decided by your reaction and timing..
We activate the grenade , and stick it to the person (EMP Generator is far from necessary). When the grenade is about to explode , turn on the EMP Generator , and your achievement!

From kreone

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