Don’t Starve Together: Combinations of plants by seasons for the Gardens

Hello dear, игроки Don’t Starve Together. For beginners and those people who do not understand how to combine plants for new beds. Especially for you, collected all possible (or not all) combinations of plants by seasons. With these combinations, plants will provide each other with nutrients., that you just have to take care and water the plants.


Plants and their meanings by seasons

A list of plants by seasons and their meanings will help you choose by yourself if, something you will not find in the list of combinations, the main thing is that in the end the total values ​​for each of the 3 columns are equal to zero.

Combinations of plants by seasons.

From the above, possible combinations of plants according to seasons were collected. “Maybe not everything”.

Do not forget, that for a double combination it is necessary to compress in the following order

and for a triple combination

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