Don’t Starve Together: Wigfried Guide + Rework Review

In this guide, I will try to tell you about Wigfried as briefly and clearly as possible.,its recent rework,as well as give a couple of survival tips and recipes.


Wigfried is an actress,very familiar with the role of the Valkyrie. She is very strong and easily mastered by the player during the game.
Appears at the start with 4 pieces of large meat,with his war spear and helmet.

Wigfried has:
120 hunger
120 reason
200 health

Unique abilities / crafting

Wigfried applies to 25% more damage,and also gets on 25% less damage from enemies.
Possesses vampirism and is able to restore her health and sanity during battle.(0.33 units for every second blow,but still,it depends on the damage of Wigfried and the enemy)
Wigfried knows how to create his own unique things: war spear and helmet.

A spear. Created from: 2-wow sticks, 2 flint and 2 gold.
Has the following properties:
51 damage in the hands of Wigfried,BUT
42 damage from other characters.

Combat Helmet. Created from:
2-wow stones and 2 gold.
Has these properties:
Protection of 80% and strength 525 units.

Of its minuses, it can be noted that,what she only eats meat or eggs.


During the rework,Wigfried added a new tab “Performing arts” and scale “Inspiration”

Let's analyze how inspiration works.

  • Inspiration builds up when continuous enemy attacks,if you stop,then inspiration starts to fall,with speed 2 units. per second. Points can also be lost,received damage from an opponent.(But it depends on the strength of the blow,current level of inspiration)
    Replenishment of Inspiration depends on Wigfried's damage. It accumulates three times faster from bosses, but the more it is,the slower it is to replenish.
    There are three notches on the scale that indicate,at what point can a ballad be activated.,this is a kind of buff,which Wigfried can give himself and his team. During the battle, you can simultaneously activate three,given that,that inspiration will be above the third notch.

In a new tab, Wigfried can create ballads(battle serenades) by inspiration,when will it fill up on 80/50/16%.

Weapon trill

    Created from:Papyrus,pen and sewing kit.

  • Reduces the rate at which weapon durability is lost by 25%
    This buff works like a weapon in the hands of Wigfried.,and the whole team.

Heartbreaking ballad

    Created from:Papyrus,feather and life-giving amulet.

  • Increases Wigfried's lifespan (at the rate of 0.5 units)
  • Gives other characters 1 unit

Cadence of a Clear Mind

    Created from:Papyrus,the feather and wings of the moon moth.

  • For each blow to the enemy will be given 1 unit of reason.

Bel canto of courage

    Created from:Papyrus,feather and tulecite medallion

  • Wigfried and her team's sanity will drop at half the rate

Fireproof falsetto

    Created from:Papyrus,feather and fish spittoon

  • Fire damage of Wigfried and her team is reduced by 30%

The following ballads are created once and instantly taken away 16 units of inspiration.

Rough interlude

    Created from:Papyrus,feather and tomato.

  • All surrounding enemies will attack exactly Wigfried

Frightening monologue

    Created from:Papyrus,feathers and amethyst

  • Makes opponents panic for a few seconds

Note:Rough interlude and frightening monologue not work for bosses.

Food List

As is already known,Wigfried eats only meat dishes. In this section, we will analyze the subtleties of cooking by playing for her.,identify the most profitable,and also look at her favorite dish.

The simplest and most popular dish is meatballs


  • Health +3
  • Reason +5
  • Hunger +62,5

Sample recipes:

Frog sandwich no less easy to prepare.


  • Health +20
  • Reason +5
  • Hunger +37,5

Sample recipes:

Honey nuggets a simple dish for a change


  • Health +20
  • Reason +5
  • Hunger +37,5

Sample recipes:

Wigfried's favorite food is Turkey.She prepares quite simply.


  • Health: +20
  • Reason: +5
  • Hunger: +75,BUT Wigfried +90

Sample recipes:

Survival tips / notes

Here I have collected tips,which I can give,playing Wigfried for a very long time.

First thing,I always try to stretch the starting points 4 a piece of meat,using them only when there is a strong loss of hunger. No matter how obvious all this may sound:/

Worth bearing in mind,that the sooner you find the chestnut biome / ponds,the easier it will be for you to live the following days,because it is like the main source of food (large meat with raccoons,frog legs or the same fish)

If with the above voltage,then use the usual traps,luring rabbits into them with berries / carrots.

Going to the dungeon,I advise you to wrap all meat dishes in a packaging wrap,in order to avoid an unnecessary fight with hares.

It will be useful to make hives and plant bushes.,to create a honey roll,nuggets, etc. Many meat dishes require different herbal ingredients.

Any weapon in the hands of Wigfried hits harder,not just her spear.

It is advisable to create many dryers,for jerky,as it is very useful Wigfried. With its help, you can well restore a very good amount of life / hunger and get rid of mental problems.

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