Unturned: Kuwait Game Plan

Need help surviving on the new Kuwait map (Kuwait)? This guide will help you!

This is an adaptation of the guide for a Russian-speaking audience., especially for those, who finds it difficult to play on the new map 🙂



Welcome to Kuwait, survivor!

Ready to climb out of my skin, to survive? Or, may be, you want to do a little?
A brave deed!

Foreword, before we get to the three main plans, I want to say…

Take this as advice, and not as a rigid instruction. Everyone has their own style, and this guide must not violate it. Do, what you want, I'm not your dad.

so, let's start simple:
Zombies are a much bigger threat, than those green grassy, cloud, moderate and frankly disgusting places, which you could have been before … As for felines, well see for yourself. Good advice – use stealth to your advantage, even at the very beginning.

Game plan: Part 2

Moving on to … mining!

You may notice small straw baskets or vases, scattered in different places, cities, etc.. Interact with them! This will help a lot, Believe me, because objects are falling from them

Game plan: Part # 3

Having lived for quite a long time, you, possibly, got some experience and money in my dirty hands! These two resources can be used to trade with NPCs.

A hidden safe area on the mainland is associated with experience, while Icarus deals with real accounts. Get out of there and start building your monopoly, young student of EsterN'a

Game plan: Part # 4

“I can’t find a gas mask, because i'm out of luck!»

Sounds familiar? The same verdict was pronounced by many survivors of the Stone Age.. But don't be afraid, desert dweller! This earth has everything you need to make a gas mask! Actually … this is the only way to get it! We were robbed! *

You will need to collect oil from spilled blue oil barrels, using the 'Oil Bucket', which is made from 6 metal units (metal scrap). In doing so, you must turn oil into plastic, using some fire, and then you can use that plastic to create everything, what your little heart wishes. From gas masks to other useful equipment and even cute decor for your base.

From EsterN

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