Barotrauma: Mini events

This guide will tell you about Mini / Station Events. (This manual is being written and updated , numerous spelling errors or inconsistencies are possible) Any help is also accepted, be it material or just advice..


1. Skills check

These are Events, which have elements of skill testing and require the player to be an expert in a specific field, to easily pass these Events or get the best possible result.

1.1 Orders – Recommended character: Captain.
You almost bumped into someone in a captain's uniform. By his appearance, one can say, that he is a guest here and the time of his stay was not pleasant. He studies the map carefully and, it seems, deeply concerned about, what he sees. He has a revolver on his belt.
a1) “Hey, can i see this map? What's the fastest way out of this hole? – b. he scratches his back. – “This is what I'm trying to figure out. The problem is, that we have a long way to go there, where are we going, and we don't have enough supplies. I cannot afford to go back.” –
b1) “Let me take a look. maybe, we are moving in the same direction.” (50ur management) – Result: Good luck – You get +5 to the Office ; Failure – Nothing.

b2) “Sucks to be you. Have a good trip! – Are you leaving.

a2) Try to grab the revolver, when he turns his back. (15%)Result: Good luck – +Revolier and 3 cartridge to it. Failure – NPS attack.

a3) Ignore him and keep going. ‎- Are you leaving.

1.2 Ventilation sound – Recommended character: Captain, Mechanic, Sat.
You hear a strange scraping sound, coming from an adjacent air vent. Curious, you look through the ventilation cover strips, but it's too dark there, to see something… A moment later you hear the sound again, are you sure about it!
а1) Unscrew the vent cover, to get a better look inside. (Mechanics lvl 60) Result: Good luck – +1000 brands – Failure: Laceration of the left arm 18%.

a2) Shine a flashlight through the vents and see, will you notice anything unusual. (Weapon lvl 70) Result: Good luck – You discover the Mudraptor, in 1.5s one mudraptor will spawn. Failure – You discover the Mudraptors, in 1.5s THREE mudraptors will spawn.

a3) Ignore it. (33%). Result: Good luck – Are you leaving. Failure: In the end, leave too.(hike error)

1.3 Good samaritan – Recommended character: Medic.
You are confronted with an unconscious employee. There are no signs of violence, and there is no one around.
а1) Diagnose. (Medicine 30 hours) Result: Good luck –
B1) The patient's lips turned blue, short and shallow breathing, and my heart beats very
slow. Clear signs of fentanyl overdose. Injection marks on their arm
confirm your diagnosis.

b1) Cure Naloxone Overdose. Result: Good luck – (-1 naloxone, +30skills
Failure (no naloxone) : +10 RP outpost, are you leaving.(you tried)

b2) Give him first aid and alert the outpost doctor.: +5ur to
Failure: He swelled, are you leaving.

a2) Check his pockets. Result: +14 brands, -30 RP outpost, -10 RP Coalition of Europe.

a3) Step over his body and walk away.: Well you go away)

1.4 Special Engineers – Recommended character: Mechanic
Head of the engineering team, working on wrecked old shuttle engine, frowns at you, as if appreciating. (Mechanics 50 lvl). Result: Good luck –
a2) “You there, you look half competent. Help me with this engine.” (+5ur to Mechanics)

b1) Renouncement. Result: Nasyalnika is sad and you leave.

a2) Help him (60% success) Result: Good luck – You help , Discount (not yet implemented in the game) Failure – You tried but Nasyalnika is still sad , are you leaving.

1.5 Mediator – Recommended character: Captain or SB.
Two workers argue loudly. Then, what could once have been a civic discussion about inter-European politics, turned into a loud fight is not entirely clear, how another guy's mother influences it.
а1) Try to resolve the situation.

b1)”Hello, guys. It's not my business to interfere, but they can hear your conversation in
Versus.” Result: Good luck – Guys get off their clothes, +20 RP to Outpost , +20 to the Coalition
Europe. Failure – They bomb even harder, -20 RP outpost , -10 RP Coalition of Europe.

b2) “I advise you two to shut up, until I counted to three. One…” (Weapon 50 + lv)
Result: Good luck – They pissed , +20 RP Avanposta, +10 Coalitions of Europe, +5ur to
weapons. Failure – You are hesitant to pronounce the report , they end up attacking you. (But
you have resolved the conflict CONGRATULATIONS!)

a2) Incite them. Result: They start ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ to die , -20 RP to outpost , -10 RP to the Coalition of Europe.

a3) There is nothing to see here. Keep going. Result: Are you leaving (Lol)

2. Rest

Other Events are those, whose results are solely determinants of choice, decisions, based on luck, and the current position of the crew (reputation) in certain Factions from time to time.

2.1 Clown Relationship ,part 1 –

2.2 Clown Relationship ,part 2 –

2.3 Goblin cooking –

2.4 Flash

2.5 Mike- ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ,part 1 –

2.6 Mike- ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ,part 2 –

2.7 Firefighting –

2.8 Sleight of hand –

2.9 Pre-appointment –

2.10 Separatist Relations –

2.11 Attitude of the Church of the Parasite –

2.12 Black shop –

2.13 Husk Cultist –

2.14 Fan club –

2.15 Ambush of the Church of the Parasite –

3. Events, outpost related

3.1 Military Outpost:

3.1.1 Big Brother –

3.2 Mining outpost:

3.2.1 Consultant –

3.3 Research Outpost:

3.3.1 Taste test –

3.3.2 Escape the crawl –

3.3.3 Improvised engineering –

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