Barotrauma: All Loading Screen Tips

Tips taken directly from Russian barotrauma localization file.


The advice itself
  1. You won't get paid for shipping, if you damage or lose cargo during transportation.
  2. If the generator generates more energy, what do devices on a submarine consume?, cable boxes may be damaged or fire may start.
  3. Prolonged exposure to water can damage cable boxes and other electrical devices..
  4. If your submarine's nuclear reactor overheats, a fire could start. If the overheated reactor is not shut down in time, it will start to melt.
  5. Most submarines are equipped with stationary batteries., which can be used as temporary energy sources in the event of a reactor failure.
  6. Railgun and depth charges have slots for additional explosives.
  7. Passive sonar can detect nearby sound sources, without attracting attention. Based on that, how sound bounces off ice walls, you can get a general idea of ​​how, what surrounds you.
  8. There are many ways to walk through a closed door. – in particular, open it with a crowbar or transfer control to it on the button, to which you have access.
  9. Stationary batteries are equipped with battery charging stations.
  10. Oxygen generators are equipped with stations for filling oxygen cylinders.
  11. Supercapacitors are capable of delivering large charges of energy, although they have less capacity, than batteries. They are often used to charge railguns and other devices., which require short pulses of high current.[/ ]
  12. Nuclear reactors are equipped with an automatic control system, which maintains an optimal level of energy production. However, in case of sharp jumps in power consumption, the system may not react immediately..
  13. Image, which sonar transmits to the navigation terminal, may be displayed inaccurately, if the terminal is damaged. Be sure to keep an eye on that, for your engineers to keep the terminal up and running!
  14. When using bait, remember to turn off active sonar for best results.
  15. If you work with electricity, not having the appropriate skills, you may be electrocuted.
  16. The welding technique is quite simple, and any diver can use it, but trained mechanics do the job faster and are less likely to get injured while welding.
  17. All divers are trained to carry out basic repairs to electrical equipment, but electricians do this work much faster.
  18. All divers are trained to perform basic mechanical repairs, but mechanics do this work much faster.
  19. Captains, usually, control the submarine much better, than ordinary divers.
  20. If the reactor does not produce enough energy to operate all onboard systems, try to lower the charge level of stationary batteries and supercapacitors or adjust the time of the submarine at full speed.
  21. Due to harsh conditions and constant wear and tear, the submarine's electrical and mechanical systems are gradually deteriorating.. To avoid breakdowns and accidents, your electricians and mechanics must regularly service them..
  22. Disassembling an alien artifact in a deconstructor, you can find exotic raw materials.
  23. Some of Europe's alien structures are made from metamaterial, possessing amazing resistance to physical damage, thanks to which this material has become the main subject of research by scientists in Europe.
  24. Alien artifacts must be delivered to the submarine with extreme caution..
  25. About a supposedly extinct race of aliens, who built the ruins, scattered throughout Europe, little is known. The age of these ruins also remains a mystery.: due to the ability to self-heal devices and buildings, all existing dating techniques are not applicable to them.
  26. Remains of alien creatures, who built the ruins, scattered throughout Europe, not found yet. So far, only biomechanical creatures have been encountered inside the buildings., who protect them and monitor their safety.
  27. Exploring ruins and caves, try to throw out signal lights more often, to mark your path in case, if you have to retreat abruptly.
  28. Cephalopods are usually quite calm., but, if provoked, they can attack.
  29. Cannibalism – common among crawlers. If you are threatened by a whole swarm, kill one individual, to distract her hungry tribesmen, who will immediately pounce on the remains of a dead relative.
  30. With its beak, a mud raptor can easily rip a metal door to shreds.
  31. The so-called cadaveric parasites slowly devour the body of their host., establishing complete control over it and eventually turning it into an empty exoskeleton, which they can completely control.
  32. Many creatures of Europe are protected by a durable shell, and conventional weapons do them little harm. However, there are always vulnerabilities in such protection.
  33. Noise from instruments and sonar signals can attract nearby creatures.
  34. Resuscitation without the necessary medical preparation can cause internal trauma to the patient..
  35. Opiates, such as morphine and fentanyl, great for emergency treatment, but with regular use they can be addictive and highly addictive.
  36. Morbusin – it is a powerful neurotoxin, able to cope with even the largest predators in Europe. A trained doctor can easily create it in a medical fabricator..
  37. You can stop bleeding with dressings and hemostatics.. To restore blood loss, you may need to use a blood bag or saline solution.
  38. Unfortunately, psychosis and other mental disorders often affect team members. Especially after expeditions to the ruins. If a member of your crew suddenly began to see and hear something, what others do not see or hear, tell your doctor immediately.
  39. The main task of the doctor – monitor team health, however doctor, experienced with poisons and armed with a syringe pistol, will be able to provide worthy resistance to uninvited guests.
  40. The use of drugs without the necessary medical knowledge can reduce the number of doses in the syringe and reduce their effectiveness..
  41. Many medications have side effects. Monitor the patient closely and be prepared to administer additional medications if necessary.
  42. When using a scuba mask, the main thing, do not confuse oxygen tanks with the fuel tanks of the welding machine.
  43. Scuba masks let you breathe underwater, but they are not able to protect your body from the colossal pressure outside the submarine. If there is a serious breach, urgently look for a diving suit.
  44. Burns – not the worst, what to be afraid of in case of fire. The raging flames can quickly consume all the oxygen in the sub..
  45. Crossing the so-called hydrothermal wasteland – not an easy task, requiring utmost care. There are many representatives of local animals in these waters., and currents, generated by geothermal activity, make navigation much more difficult.
  46. Some sedentary organisms, inhabiting the waters of Europe, make low-frequency sounds, interfering with sonar.
  47. Try not to go too deep. Most submarine hulls begin to collapse at about a depth 2000 meters.
  48. Europe is rich in natural resources, and an adventurous captain with a keen instinct and a plasma cutter can make a fortune here.
  49. You can pretend to be another person – to do this, take his ID and cover your face with something.
And some more advice that doesn't fit
  • To create a voice-guided system, in the sub-editor, connect the wireless components to the radio channel.
  • Radiation belts, surrounding Jupiter, do not allow the creation of settlements on the surface of Europe, and therefore most of the outposts are located under the ice crust of the satellite.
  • The dynamics of the ecosystem of Europe is not yet fully understood, however it is considered, that various chemosynthetic bacteria are at the bottom of the local food chain.
  • The European Coalition began with a trade alliance between the two largest satellite settlements and a number of private paramilitary organizations, and has evolved over time to become a full-fledged European government..
  • Someone once decided, that it will be easier for divers to cope with stress, in which they have to work, if you include full-time artists in the crew, who will be able to entertain team members. This idea was considered untenable., and then they laughed at its author for a long time.
  • Most ships try not to leave the tunnels and cracks in Europa's ice crust. – the largest and most dangerous inhabitants of Europe are found in a huge endless abyss.

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