The Forest: How to get into the Karst sinkhole without Caves

A place where you can get into a sinkhole without caves.


How is it all the same?
You can actually do it through caves..
But who needs it if you're a schizoid speedruner???
First of all, the skill of parkour comes in handy,a couple of pills of sedatives from the nerves because your hands are crooked like a rake and you slipped the wrong way along the wall.
Rebrizer-Aqualang(to actually complete the game)
Key card(to actually complete the game)
But in general, you can just run without them and get out through the caves back

Essence and path 1
For the beginning is the place itself.
Yes, you can also slide down the slope in other places in the Funnel, but this one I noted more pleasant.
We jump to the corner(it should be effortless

Essence and Path 2
We jump carefully to the next ledge
And here you have to slide a little along the wall
And get right on the green shit(according to my notes, this crap I repeat sometimes SOMETIMES reduces fall damage)

Essence and Path 3
Here again you will need to slide on the wall
remind—- (W,A,S,D)+Space+Space+Space+Space+Space

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