How to get through the first boss in MUCK?

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How to get through the boss
Darova here I will try to tell you how to get through the first one in MUCK.
1)Create a world and enter it.
2)We make ourselves a pickaxe with an ax as quickly as possible(if there is still a little time left, get resources). COLLECT AS MUCH MUKHOMOROV AS POSSIBLE, they will be useful to you later.
3)We kill as many mobs as possible at night, to raise money.
4)In the morning we open as many chests for the first 3-4 day it is better to open chests for 25 coins.
5)Making a stove, looking for ore, smelting ore , making an anvil. I'm crafting a sword, pick, ax(armor is best crafted last).
6)To 5 of the day is best to have full armor and tools(I count onions and at least 30 arrows).
7)When the boss spawns, you need to do the following:
If you are solo:Back off and shoot the boss with a bow. If you run out of arrows come up and hit him, but will need to shy away, because one poke is at best half hp.
If you are in the team:One must distract, and others shoot the boss.

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