Muck: All about Gronk (Boss)

Gronk (Boss) this is a normally difficult boss.
1 Attacks

1 Double attack – swinging swords 3 -5 sec, bypassing the back and hitting it is a surefire way to remove a large amount of hp.
2 Throwing attack – Throws two swords at the player, before calling it through the statue, I advise you to do 4 walls behind which you will hide from this attack.
3 Special attack – Connects his two swords by hitting the ground with them, thus causes 5 the ghosts of these swords, you can avoid them by stepping aside, but I do not recommend jumping.

2 Angry with Gronk (Boss)

1 Boss swords drop, chance below average say.
2 Money – 100 gold

3 What a player character should have to fight Gronk (Boss)

1 Mithril sword ( I had time, I will not lie )
2 Iron helmet
3 Iron Armor
4 Iron boots
5 30 cow meat
6 25 mushrooms orange ( they restore hp. )
7 20 Purple mushrooms ( they restore stamina. )
8 15 yellow mushrooms ( they restore hunger. For every fireman. )
10 Walls have at least 10 pieces
11 Stairs 5 PC.
12 Another ( If possible ).

Thanks for reading. In this Guide, I described everything that I used to defeat him..

From Cold [cold] Sho0T4

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