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Essential words for every heroine.
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30.06.21 – Adding new words and updating old ones.
01.07.21 – Name change “Planet” on “Planet”

Table with words for poems

Heroine The words
Yuri Confusion, time, question, atmosphere, fate, dream, journey, entropy, frightening, supernatural, intellectual, agonizing, horror, infallible, confusion, determination, insight, anxiety, firmament, unrestrained, to escape, melancholy, vortex, to redeem, dizziness, incompatible, suicide, inferno, scarce, puffy, electricity, aura, pus, slaughterhouse, persistent, scenery, climax, picturesque, out of control, rage, prejudice, prisoner, lively, to despise, explode, crimson, cell, delight, pollution, disorientation, sent down, analysis, abdicate, afterimage, philosophy, universe, endless, drops, secretive, vitality, portrait, run away, essence, a wish, catastrophe, eternity, Existence, extreme, unstable,unable, lust, to crave, infinity, sensuality, cemetery,breathe, sensation, divergence, imagination, volatile,sentence, agony, breath, anxiety, modesty, scarlet, radiant, sprinkle, fluctuation, flight, desire, cheerful, background, ultimate, creepy, unstable, tornado, starfall, bright, sleep, tenacious, intelligence secrets,inappropriate, saturated, fickle, unbridled, newspaper, tenacity, insight, explode, pleasure, careless.
Natsuki Pomade, purchases, anime, pink, socks, kiss, peace, skirt, rabbit, fluffy, vanilla, e-mail, fantasy, kawaii, sponges, vigorous, sticky, games, whisper, headphones, Kitty, sugar, melody, swimsuit, marshmallows, here and there, dad, whistle, lollipop, clean, bow, tape, pajamas, twirl, bubbles, mouse, Strawberry, parfait classics, high-spirited, anger, chocolate, skipping rope, candy, hair, crumb, anger, clouds, milk ,to gallop, giggle, waterfall, puppy, bounce, puff,nice, a blanket, rotation, summer, shiny, cheeks, valentine, sandbox, beep, gnaw, чпоньк, playground, sticky, to spin, shopping, heartbeat, audible, nightie, jump, ice cream, to inflate, nicely.
Planet Love, loudly, sunset, color, expensive, shame, cosiness, defeat, laziness, pain, play, bed, broken, a family, holiday, laugh, scars, clumsy, depression, hype, loneliness, bliss, cloud, nature, wedding, extraordinary, tragedy, charm, rose flower, sunny, prayer,emptiness, dance, beauty, fear, flower, together, treasure, special, to charm, tears, childhood, failure, meek, singing,rest, flying, fireworks, ocean, incredible, romance, heat, friends, to smile, dark, amazing, dreams, insult, adventure, a party, to forgive, fireflies, embrace, stupidity, music, rainbow, scream, fun, shine, memories, a heart, peacefully, joy, hopeless, grieve, dark, cry, sparkle, pen, death, wonderful, passion, holiday, happy, sweet, sadness, promise, marriage, hope, a life, happiness, lucky, awesome, song, excitement, suffering, sadness, special, undivided, laugh, precious, cheer up, vacation, to accept, sing, wonderful, to blind, melodrama, prosperity, miracle, calm, adversity, painfully, helplessness, alone.

From Semyon Reaktivniy

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