Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!: DDLC + // Secret in files // “Using an internal user”

Вместе с TG1Team мы пожем вам разгадать одну загадку, which is stored in the game, and which is not visible to the eye!

  • Easter eggs enticing after passing or after passing.

    Possible Spoilers!



To begin our immediate journey, you need to enter the game, and, oddly enough to crawl in folders. There are many things you can find in the folders., in our case it is a secret, which we are chasing.
In the folders, select “for internal user”, and then we go through our stages…

File #1 – Meeting notes 1.txt

To start a secret from the developers of Team Salvato we need to go:

Here, you will see the time you need to put on the computer and “Way” which will need to go.

The path is used to set the sequence of opening folders..

  • The very first combination is – 02:40, 2/2/1

File #2 – Meeting notes 2.txt

We get the path and time to the second file from this:

We set the time and go in the specified order:

  • 9:15, 1/3/0

File #3 – Meeting notes 3.txt

To find the third file, we need to use the combination from the second:

  • 04:30, 1/2/3

    This file will contain the combination (0/3/0), and to find out the time, we need to do something. Do it:

    • 1. You need to open all the music in the game;
    • 2. You need to go to the track list (Music) and find the track number there 19 “Let's discuss together”;
    • 3. You need to see the duration of the track (1:58), this will be the time to be delivered;

    And so the total time and combination:

  • 1:58, 0/3/0

File #4 – DDLC.txt

This time the right time is already there. It is indicated in the file number 3 (Meeting notes 3.txt):

  • 12:55

    And to find out the combination, you need to do something again:

  • 1. During the passage of the second act, you should receive a message from Ive Luster
  • 2. In it, He will comment on Monica's Twitter account and then, how will he get the status for sure
  • 404 – this is the combination
  • 12:55 4/0/4

    After which we get access to the file and the file will be the last, there, we find out, what did people do, before creating the game itself and how they did it.


Obvious fact from EL VIVI

  • BM1 and BM2 stands for – Virtual machine 1 and Virtual Machine 2.



it… the end…

С вами была команда TG1 TEAM. If you want to, then you can reward the leadership. We will be very glad for your attention and understanding.. See you!


From The GalakTIK and Bliketod and Bread_Poot and kiw1 and Akaname

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