Sea of Thieves: Islands. Names and coordinates

Here are collected absolutely all the islands and their coordinates in alphabetical order for convenience


Islands on “BUT”
  • Darkwater EnclaveR-5
  • Black sand atoll O-3 O-4
Islands on “B”
  • Brian's BazaarY-12
  • Sea monster tower L-6
  • Robber's Trouble Q-6
  • Shores of cursed watersX-13 Y-13
  • Shark feed bayH-19 H-20
Islands on “IN”
  • Ruby WaterfallY-16
  • Scorched pathX-11
Islands on “D”
  • Pebble bankG-5
  • Гавань Воров L-20 M-20
  • Snake nestK-15 K-16
Islands on “D”
  • Watchtower I-20 J-20
  • Valley of treasuresF-16 G-16
  • Devilish ThirstW-21
  • Devil MerchantsU-20
Islands on “WITH”
  • Bay of sunken shipsM-10 M-11
  • Smuggler's BayE-3 F-3 F-4
  • Protected springL-17
  • Protected outpost F-7
  • Sunken groveO-7 P-7
Islands on “AND”
  • Bending hollowM-16 N-16
Islands on “TO”
  • Keel fortC-6 C-7 D-6
  • Flint peninsulaW-14 W-15
  • Crow's nest fortressO-17 O-18
  • Molten Sand FortressZ-11 Z-12
  • Secret Spring Fortress I-8
  • Skull fortressP-9
  • Curved mastsO-11
  • Chicken island I-16
Islands on “L”
  • Shop rich bootyAT 7
  • Wild Treasure ShopO-4
  • Shark fin campP-5
  • Lagoon of foolsI-14
  • Blind LagoonN-6 O-6
  • Lagoon of whispersD-12 D-13
  • Lair of the villainsK-4
Islands on “M”
  • Мерцающая отмель Z-18 Z-19
  • Sea sandsG-3 G-4 H-4
Islands on “N”
  • Sailor AwardB-4 B-5 C-4 C-5
Islands on “ABOUT”
  • Огненный предел V-19
  • Огненный прилив Y-20
  • Lonely bayH-6
  • Lonely islandG-8
  • Lonely cliffT-16 U-16
  • Around the stormQ-11
  • Island of the last sorry O-9
  • Crescent islandB-9 C-9
  • Trophy IslandTO-20
  • Isle of OutcastsK-14
  • Island faithful old manM-4 N-4
  • Three Cliffs IslandR-10
Islands on “P”
  • Pirate palms I-4
  • Ash expansesU-23 V-23
  • Sandbank D-5 E-5
  • Kraken's deathR-12 R-13
  • The refuge of the outcastK-14
  • Smuggler's ShelterH-9 I-9
  • Death shelterI-12 I-13
  • Pilgrim's shelterF-12 F-13 G-12
  • Piercing shallowsb – D-8
  • Cannon bayF-10 G-9 G-10
Islands on “Р”
  • Разбойничья дуга Q-3 Q-4
  • Shell shallowO-15 O-16
  • Roaring SandsU-21
  • Reef shark toothP-13
  • Twins grovesH-11
  • Mermaid shelterB-13 C-13
Islands on “FROM”
  • Saber sandM-18
  • Sulfur rockX-18 Y-18
  • Old sea atollF-18 F-19
Islands on “IN”
  • Refuge of sea wolvesC-11
  • Weasel hideout V-12
  • CornerU-14
  • Rebel cliffN-19
Islands on “F”
  • Factory best goodsF-17
  • Polar Star FactoryH-10
  • Factory three steps eastS-9
  • Stefan's trophy factoryL-15 L-16
  • Форпост грабителей J-18 K-18
  • Ancient Peak OutpostQ-17
  • Outpost of golden sands D-10 D-11 E-10
  • Outpost the last refuge of the galleon R-8
  • Morrow Rock OutpostV-17
  • Steel Tooth OutpostM-7 M-8 N-7 N-8
  • Fort of the damned L-14
  • Форт затерянных сокровищ H-17 I-17
Islands on “X”
  • Devil's backboneP-19
  • The backbone of the deceiverS-11
  • Ridge of DiscoveryD-17 E-17
Islands on “C”
  • Sea Knot CitadelE-14


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