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Hyde for that, how healing works in the game and how perks affect it


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At high difficulties, every enemy hit can be fatal. To reduce the risk, many increase their health points. But notice, that the healing potion becomes less effective, and at the initial stage of the game you have to spend a lot on potions. Which of the skills, affecting the treatment and in what situations should you pump, to increase healing and reduce costs?

The main
At the moment, the game exists 3 skill, affecting treatment. However, the main thing, what the player should know- speed treatment from any source is always fixed. It means, what do you no way will not be able to increase the recovery speed of hp, whether it is healing from magic or from potions (the only exception is skill Rebirth). What can we conclude from?, that it makes no sense to invest heavily in health points in this patch, so the more health, the longer it will take to recover to the maximum. For insane difficulty level, I chose the optimal value of 500hp.. Next, let's look at the pros and cons of each skill., affecting treatment

Healing aura
Excellent skill, helping in the early stages of the game.
1. Saving. Mana potions are cheaper, than treatment, but mana itself is gradually restored. Often there is nowhere to spend it for melee characters, so for a small sub-heel, the perk is perfect. In this case, it is not recommended to pump it higher +2, since every skill point is very important.
2. The skill is affected Strength, so the characters, magic-oriented it is especially convenient. Good healing even without pumping to the maximum

1. Loses relevance over time, when healing potions are plentiful
3. Restores less health at the first level, than a healing potion
2. The most significant disadvantage- has animation, and you risk, when using the skill near enemies

Most useless healing skill in the game, since on +5 restores about the same amount of hp, how much does the healing aura restore by +5, but spends potions, and not manu.

However, it has one significant a plus:
When pumping it, it also increases the mana recovery from mana potions, what is not directly stated. But, as opposed to health points, mana is always restored instantly, and with a high rate Forces the amount of its recovery should be large.

In this way, this is a very strong skill when creating a purely magical build, which will allow you to make castes almost without stopping. Goes well with healing aura

Without many words, is the strongest healing skill and one of the best skills in general
1. Its main advantage is, what when pumping on +5 he recovers HP at almost the same rate, from which it is restored by other sources, the difference is minimal. Hence, you may not use any healing potions at all. This also applies to companions.
2. Saving. When pumping on 1-2 helps a lot at the beginning of the game. Often the potion does not fully restore HP, and spending one more can be risky. These are constant awkward situations., which this skill does an excellent job
3. Passive heal in the castle after the battle

Generally, despite all its advantages, skill is not ” mast hev ” for most assemblies. At the middle and more stages of the game, there should be no problems with gold, as well as the lack of potions. It would be wise to upgrade it to +1-2, continue to use potions of healing.
Also, a minus can be called that, that if you want to completely abandon potions and magic of healing, pumping to +5 obligatory
Relevant for “tank”, physical assemblies, the best choice for companions in any case.
For a character with a high score strength better use healing aura, and spend the remaining points on the skill alchemy

By Dvar

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