She Will Punish Them: Character Attributes and Skills Guide (Patch 0.761)

Russian-language detailed guide to the attributes and skills of the character.
Relevant for the patch 0.761 (Perhaps further).


“Come on don't linger”
Here I will analyze the skills and attributes of the character in the game She Will Punish Them. The guide was created in the game version 0.761, but perhaps for a certain time the relevance will not be lost.
The guide contains my comments, they are marked #In a similar way. My opinion – not a precept, however, I have some knowledge of the game and can advise something.
It is also worth noting that this guide is not trustworthy for 100%! Since some descriptive skills should work, but don't work for some reason (or the skills do not work clearly, it is impossible to check the exact numbers).

Character attributes
The game has 4 main attributes.

  • 1. Vitality
  • 2. Power
  • 3. Strength
  • 4. Agility

Let's analyze each of them.

1. Vitality

When pumping, it increases your health parameter (NR).
One point invested in the Vitality attribute increases health by 30 units.
#I see no point in pumping this parameter if you are a smart enough player, since many opponents are not able to quickly hit / do a lot of damage in one hit. However, by nesting in this attribute 10 points you will get a serious increase in health

2. Power

When pumping, it increases your damage parameter (DMG).
One point invested in the Power attribute increases damage by 3 units.
#Useless attribute, because it takes a lot of attribute points from you and gives you too little. It might make sense for a late game, however, compare the effectiveness yourself – for 10 attribute points we get 30 units of damage.

3. Strength

Increases your maximum mana when leveling (MR) and spell damage (?).
One point invested in the Strength attribute increases the mana pool by 15 units.
One point invested in the Strength attribute increases spell damage by about 2-3%.
#In fact, I did not find any intelligible calculation. Feels like, for 10 attribute points you will receive a double increase in damage to certain mobs, and almost a minimal increase to others (about 10-15%). Unfortunately, the game does not show damage from spells. The ability was used to calculate “Fire ball”

4. Agility

Increases your maximum stamina when leveling, increases character defense parameter and character speed (in all aspects)
One point invested in the Dexterity attribute increases the stamina reserve by 10 units.
One point invested in the Dexterity attribute increases the defense parameter by 1 unit.
One point invested in the Dexterity attribute increases the character's speed by 0.2 units.
#Most useful attribute. Increases your speed up to a certain level up to 1.3 units. The speed of blows increases, gullies, walk, running. A small increase in defense is also a pleasant bonus.. But the maximum profit can be obtained in leitgame – character's stamina grows infinitely from this attribute.

Weapon Skills
In this skill tree, we are offered skills aimed at increasing the damage done.

Weapon Mastery

For 1 the invested skill point increases the damage from the selected weapon by about 9-11%.
#Why approximately? Because the damage grows for each type of weapon in its own way. Somewhere around 9%, and where that 10%. It will not work perfectly, just keep in mind. Be sure to pump to the maximum for the look of your weapon, since at the maximum level it increases damage by almost 50%


For 1 the nested skill point reduces the damage to your character when using the block by 20%.
#Block initially protects from about half damage, as the leveling progresses, the blocked damage increases up to 99% blocking.

Phantom Strikes

Increases damage on combo attacks. Combo attacks are considered a series of hits., which hit enemies / boss without misses without taking damage or interrupting blows.
#There really is something to say here. How much damage increases? – directly proportional to the series of blows. If on the second hit the increase is approximately 20%, then on the 8th hit the damage will triple!. It is difficult to calculate accurately, just know that the skill is very useful as on bosses, and on a pack of mobs


Increases the rate of accumulation of rage (yellow stripes, is under the endurance bar).
#I don't know how you guys are, but this skill does not work for me. Checked on multiple saves, unfortunately, the strip is not recruited even with single blows, no combo hits

Combat Skills
In this branch of skills, we can pump character stats and some parameters of game mechanics.

Ignoring pain

Reduces the chance of getting stunned (stunning).
#On a personal level, this parameter is related to your armor.. The higher the level of your armor and the lower the level of opponents – the less the likelihood of the stun. How much this skill helps – hard to define. Possibly increases the minimum balance damage, to drive you into the camp, however, it was not possible to get any exact picture. It is not worth pumping in the early stages..


Adds you health regeneration and increases its effectiveness with each level.
#How does it work – unclear. At the first level, restores 5 health units for 3 seconds, and on the last one 30-45 units for 3 seconds. Moreover, it is difficult to say – does the speed of regeneration depend on the maximum indicator of health, since with an increase in maximum health by 100 units – did not notice the difference. Useful skill for large locations, however, there are none yet, and the usefulness is questionable.

Iron body

For 1 skill point increases maximum health by 15 units.
#There is nothing to say – average utility, +75 health can sometimes save you from one-shot at high difficulty levels. One has only to remember, that this skill does not increase health at the expense of attribute points, but at the expense of skill points

Hardened skin

For 1 skill point increases the Defense parameter by 8.8 units.
#It makes sense to pump at the beginning of the game if you need more protection, and you drown for maximum survivability. Efficiency – noticeable, one is a panacea


For 1 skill point increases maximum stamina by 15 units. Also accelerates the rate of stamina recovery.
#Most useful skill, because it allows you to be less likely to find yourself in situations where stamina is at zero. When pumping the attribute dexterity and this skill, you can get a huge amount of stamina and almost any battle can be reduced to, that your stamina almost never ends. About speeding up the recovery of stamina – If you compare the level 1 and level 5 skill – eye difference. I did not calculate the ideal height, this is a useless occupation


Increases invulnerability during rolls and decreases rolls cooldown.
#A skill that is worth downloading from the first level to the stop. Because the number of frames of invulnerability is growing significantly, at the same time you will be rolling almost all the time, thus, you can leave the crowd of mobs with impunity without taking damage. About the number of frames – between lack of skill and 5 there is a huge difference in skill level, but don't expect perfect numbers. I don't know what the frame system is in this game.

Magic skills
In this skill tree, we can learn magic skills.

Healing aura

When using the skill, restores part of the health.
Healing is not instantaneous!
#A useful skill for converting mana to health, if suddenly there are no cans left. The first level adds 10% health, and with each subsequent level it increases by more and more value. At the last level of pumping, it allows you to fully restore health, or rather – adds health regeneration up to 100% (tested with health indicator 545). Skill does not heal you instantly, but gradually, like jars, it is worth considering this.

Fire ball

Adds offensive ability. Sends a fireball towards an enemy when used.
#Damage increases as you level up, iii… unfortunately how much – hard to understand. between 1 and 2 level the difference is palpable, maybe the damage doubles, however, this is not true for all mobs! Has good damage at the last level, but I would not count on its effectiveness in leitgame, because you need to give inventory for cans of mana.


Adds the ability to freeze the enemy. When used in a small radius from you, shards of ice appear from the ground. Deals minor damage, slightly slows down opponents.
#A useless skill. Seriously. Found no use at all. The skill does not stun bosses, does not always stun mobs, does funny damage, has a great casting time. Another problem is that, that during the casting, damage goes through you. The difference in damage between 1 and 5 skill level – not essential, possibly 10-15%. Do not download if skill points are a pity, Seriously. Gameplay can and does diversify, but at high difficulty, this button does more harm than good.


Increases the effectiveness of healing potions.
#I will only say that, what's in between 1 and 5 skill level – three times difference. Ie. if without skill 1 the bank recovered you about 10-15% health, then when pumping the skill to 5 level will allow you when using 1 banks to restore 60% health.

Elemental Resistance

For 1 skill point increases resistance to lightning damage, fire, frost and poison on 2 units each.
#Extra resist, serious elemental protection can only be achieved with a combination of elemental armor. It makes sense to pump to the maximum if the health parameters are not highly pumped for high difficulty levels

another skills
In this branch of skills, you can pump various nice buns.

Golden hand

Increases the amount of gold received from mining
#AHTUNG! In my opinion, the skill does not work. Because I didn't notice the difference in the amount, nor in the number of dropped coins. And it's not clear, this skill should work for gold from the enemy or from chests. So far I do not advise pumping.


Increases the quantity and quality of loot drops.
#How much does the quality increase – who knows, what fell before rapiers, which are falling at the same frequency now. But here is the amount of loot itself – slightly increases, by about 20-30% at maximum skill level

Crystal hunter

Increases the number of crystals when dropped.
#A useless skill, because crystals are easy to farm without this skill. Speaking of efficiency – between 1 and 5 there is no difference in the frequency of occurrence, but the amount increases when dropped. Instead 10 may fall 15, and instead of 5 can 7. Etc. But more 20 I've never seen, or didn't notice


Increases the value of items when sold.
For 1 skill point increases the cost of items by 20%.
#Mandatory for pumping if you plan to stay in the game for farming locations. At maximum leveling, doubles the cost of items.

Group fight

Increases damage of all group members.
#AHTUNG! In my opinion, the skill does not work. Because the numbers of damage to bosses do not change, which if there is a living / dead partner, that if it is absent on the map at all.


Increases the number of summoned mercenaries (минонов) on 1 for each level.
#A useless skill. Because mercenaries need to be bought in the form of scrolls, and they only work 1 entry. In addition, the game will quickly reach that stage, where they will no longer be useful to you in view of pumping your partners. ATTENTION! DOES NOT INCREASE THE NUMBER OF PARTNER SLOTS!

Fast learning

Increases the experience gained for killing opponents and when using experience scrolls.
#It is not clear how many percent is added to the experience gained for each level, as the figure increases unevenly. At the last level, roughly speaking, you will receive double experience for the enemy and the scroll
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