Project Zomboid: Tips from an amateur

Some tips and tricks.



I haven't played too many hours, but this is enough to give the most necessary and useful(in my opinion) tips for very green survivors. This is my first guide, so please favor.

Survival tips

  • Never, under no circumstances, only if you are already completely ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ don't run around in settlements so you will only collect a crowd of zombies and it will not be very pleasantly squeezed in the house as it happened with me more than once.
  • Always have a couple of rags with you, it is very easy to get them, and they can also be used to bandage a wound. First of all, when spawning, find any clothes and tear them into rags.
  • Don't take too much, only the most necessary.
  • Do not try to fight the crowd from more than 3-4 zombie, high risk of being bitten, either knocked to the ground and fucked and eaten.
  • Use firearms only as a last resort and only when you are sure, that you have escape routes.
  • Remember a sharp weapon breaks faster than a blunt one, one of the most reliable are hammers, nail pullers, sleds, etc.
  • If you survived your first day, then you need to think about temporary housing, at best it should be a two-story building away from zombie clusters.

Building Tips

  • If you find a two-story house far from civilization, then boldly demolish the ladder with a sledgehammer(no chase, it doesn't matter, rummage around at construction sites or in construction stores) do a rag rope and that's it, so you can live a very long time.
  • Remember, disassembly silent, and construction attracts uninvited
  • Prepare the sleigh in summer, and a cart in winter. Start preparing for water and electricity outages, put on the collectors, stock up on firewood and do not forget to shoot a stove somewhere.
  • Well, the most obvious one, but the most important advice, cover windows and doors with a blanket, and also do not forget to hammer them with boards

Some tricks

If you need to improve any skill, then watch the transfer of life and living TV
Or start practicing these same skills., ungodly disassemble cars(mechanic), furniture(builder), disassemble metal objects(welder) etc and don't forget to read useful books in life too
You found the car? Wheelchair, but don't try to crush all the zombies in your path, any obstacle worsens the strength of the car and believe me you do not want to stand with a broken engine on the highway surrounded by zombies.
By the way, zombies burn for a long time and throw fire on buildings very well, use it wisely.

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