All Crusader Kings III achievements – and their implementation

Turn on Ironman Mode!
Crusader Kings 3 - difficult game. In "Normal" saves, this gives you a few freedoms., eg, free switching between characters, save at any time (and exit without saving). However, don't think, that you will get all these convenient benefits, when you unlock achievements.

Achievements in Crusader Kings III can only be unlocked in Ironman single player games. This mode disables switching and saving characters (replacing it with autosave mechanics), and this is the only mode, where you can get achievements. It is activated when you create a new game in the "Game Rules" panel.

Keep in mind, that the fulfillment of other specific rules of the game may lead to the deactivation of the achievement.


Very simple
Death tore us apart
Start off as unmarried (unmarried) ruler.

Until the death tear us apart
The "Intrigue" lifestyle and the "Conspirator" focus greatly simplify the task.

This is not a cult!
King Louis II of Italy 867 year offers a better start due to both the level of Devotion, so and because of that, that Catholicism has the slowest growth of Zeal.

First among the crusader kings
Just start with 1066 years and wait for the Pope to convene the first crusade at about 1100 year.
Conditions: North German cultural group or Normans.

In the character editor, create a North German Asatrian with the Witchcraft property, high education and diplomacy and three adult children. Immediately convert three of your children to witchcraft through "Make Witchcraft", and then make the decision to "Found a coven of witches".
Conditions: North German cultural group or Normans and Asatru

Above god
Choose the "Intrigue" lifestyle, Intrigue tree and get the Truth is Relative dignity. Using "Fabricate Leverage" on the head of your denomination, get Strong influence on him. If you get Weak Influence, restart the search. Through character search (C key) find a character with the "Intrigue" property, which means, that this character has fully unlocked the corresponding merit tree. Another option is to create a witch, convert the pope to witchcraft, get absolution from him, what to remove the "Witchcraft" property (otherwise, you will not be able to blackmail him for his witchcraft secret).

Dangerous business
In the character editor, create a North German Asatrian with the Dwarf property and, using casus belli Varangian adventure, move your yard across the seas.

My own home
IN 1066 Duke Leofwin Godwinson (Kent) can immediately create a minor line.

Almos was here
Declaration of war through casus belli Resettlement to Pannonia will lead to the creation of two strong armies in the capital of the kingdom. Conditions: Play as Almos Arpad of the Magyar Confederation in 867.

Terrible ruler
Mass executions of prisoners grant a significant amount of Terror. Consider, that every execution costs 100 Piety and worsens the attitude of the clergy. This does not apply to captives, enemies of faith, or you have the Divine Punishment trait (lifestyle "Intrigues", Torment Trait tree). No more needed 10 captives.
Also, possessing the properties of "Compassionate" and / or "Fairness", you can get the achievement "Nerves of Steel".

Small print
IN 1066 King Harold II Godwinson from the start knows how to Strongly influence the vassal.

Not too feudal system
The dignity of Meritocracy is required for the intrigue of Claim to the Throne, for which, in turn, Lifestyle Management Required. Start the game as a Duke and after gaining the Meritocracy, use the Claim to the Throne against your Overlord.

Up the career ladder
IN 867 Jarl Rurik Rurikovich from Novgorod starts with land and gold, sufficient to create the Kingdom of Novgorod.

Saga in stone
Despite, that Paradox rated this achievement as Easy, getting it is very difficult. You can only choose to Raise the Runestone 30 time, rest 70 runestones must be supplied by members of your dynasty, corrected AI. Since. AI behavior cannot be predicted, getting this achievement becomes random.

On the selection screen, open the Find Characters and find a ruler with the Seducer property, ie. this character has obtained all the Merits of the corresponding Lifestyle.

Stressful situation
You can get a nervous breakdown from the start of the game., if you reset the Virtues of the Lifestyle.

Emerald Island
Murhad from start date 1066 Rags to Riches offers a good opportunity to unify Ireland. Fabricating claims is a reliable way, because. Ireland divided by independent counts. IN 897 High Chieftain Aid Mac Gormla is also a good choice., but there is a risk of being attacked by the Vikings. Conditions: Irish culture and capital in Ireland.

Reliable heirs
You can create a ruler with 9 children and properties of Lust and Fertility.

Power of love
You will need at least one lover, non-ruler. The dignity "Love until the grave" can be very useful.
IN 1066 year King Alfonso VI has his own heir, King Sancho II, as his rival, who wants to kill him for his titles. Make Urraku his Privy Counselor, to protect him, until he has the necessary dignity and other lovers. Then part with her, to piss her off. Most likely, she will join Sancho's conspiracy and, thus, will make the assassination attempt more successful. Do not marry for legitimate children and do not legitimize bastards, as this may cause Sancho not to attempt an assassination, since he will no longer be Alfonso's heir.

What can't you do for love
Merit Tree Seduction is very helpful in seducing a married / married character.

Nerves of steel
IN 867 Jarl Björn starts out with the personality trait of Honesty and can reach maximum stress levels by starting 10 Murder plans.

Using the Ruler Editor, create an 18-year-old character with the highest Education and Genius Property. This greatly speeds up the acquisition of Merits from all three Merit trees.. Unless you set yourself other goals, lifestyle "Scholarship", tree of virtues "Healthy body" are recommended for health promotion. If you selected "Scholarship" the "Conduct Mystical Union" solution will give additional 300 learning experience. Conditions: Not have a complete set of lifestyle properties.

A legacy for centuries
It takes time, but you can speed up the process, if you have more living members of your dynasty. High-ranking dynasty members, such as emperors, kings and earls, will give you a higher boost, than ordinary living members. Get all the virtues of the chosen dynastic path.

Inherit the title of the character you killed. Advice: easiest to achieve for a vassal, who is the heir of the unloved father in the state. Examples would be the Abbasids or Bulgaria at the start 867 of the year.

Personal animosity
Start a war with a brother or sister over any claims. Advice: the rulers of Carolinga at the start 867 years can declare such wars from the start.

There is no quick trick for this.. You will have to accumulate prestige: don't waste it on anything, and if you get any event, which gives you the opportunity to get it, select it and, on the contrary, do not select options, reducing your prestige. Reach the highest possible level of prestige. Advice: to get the achievement, just go for the Count of Hasting from Montagu at the start 867 of the year.

Shadows behind
You must know ten secrets at the same time. Advice: each seduced character adds a secret to your collection.

For faith!
Take part in the Great Holy War, fighting on either side.

I play for a French Catholic, own the kingdom of Thessalonica and have complete control over it, moreover, the Eastern Roman Empire should not have possessions in your kingdom or be your overlord. Advice: easiest to achieve, starting as Henry IV, Emperor HRE in 1066 year, changing culture to French. Kingdom of Thessaloniki - de jure part of the Byzantine Empire, so it will be difficult to get there. You also don't have to start out as a French Catholic., you can always teach your heir to become a French Catholic.

Way to success
Playing as Hasting of Nantes at the start 867 of the year, get any royal title. Advice: it is recommended to declare war on Brittany on the first day of the game and capture its capital as quickly as possible to win. Then the most convenient target is the nearby British Cornwall.. Possessing two duchies, all that remains is to accumulate enough funds for the kingdom.

Family business
You must have a child with a trait “Fruit of incest”. Advice: there is a chance to get it shortly after starting in 1066 year, starting as King Leon Alphonse VI, whose sister, infanta Urakka, is his mistress.

Know your place
Defeat any faction in a war. Note: suppression of the uprising of the peasant faction does not count.

Starting the game for Rurik in 867 year, get it, so that your dynasty rules the empire of Russia.

You will need to build and fully upgrade the Duchy building in the Duchy's capital. It will take 5 years, will initially cost you 300 gold and will require two other upgrades cost 400 and 500 gold consecutively.

Neither one nor the other is cheap, but the Duchy building "Internal Revenue Service", at least, will bring you the greatest profit after, how will he spend so much gold.

Not for us, Lord
Create a sacred order. Advice: King Louis II of Italy at the start 867 year closest to meeting the conditions.

Norman yoke
Starting the game as Wilhelm Bastard in 1066 year, take over England, change the culture to English and achieve that, so that all your vassals in the kingdom of England embrace English culture. Note: transfer of your capital to the de jure territory of the Kingdom of England will make the decision to accept English culture available.

Monarch greatness
Having started the game for Vratislav Přemyslovic in 1066 year, get it, so that your dynasty rules both the Kingdom of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire at the same time.

Yet again, it won't work quickly. You must be a very devout ruler and only do good deeds.. For any event, which gives you the opportunity to find godliness, select it, and, on the contrary, don't choose any options, which diminish your piety. Reach the highest possible level of piety. Advice: at the start 867 year is easiest to achieve for King Louis II of Italy.

Seven sacred cities
Playing as a Hindu ruler, own seven sacred sites of Hinduism at the same time. Advice: at the start 867 maharaja Bhodja, ruling Pratihara, does not have just one sacred place.

The Emperor's New Dress
Find yourself without clothes, holding an imperial title. Advice: the easiest way is to start for a Christian emperor and convert to the heresy of Adamism or create a new faith, where primitivism will be present.

 In the web
Get strong influence on three of your direct vassals. Advice: in 1066 year King of England Harold Godwinson has a strong influence on one of the vassals.

World fame
IN 1066 Year Tibetan Pugiel Dynasty Begins Glorious Level of Greatness.

Any Muslim with a suitable culture and capital in Iberia can earn this achievement.. IN 867 year most Iberian Muslims cannot earn this achievement, because. have Bedouin culture from the start. but, you can create a character with, eg, Visigothic culture and found the Umayyad Caliphate in 867 year.

Beacon of progress
Indian cultures in 1066 offer the best start

Bloody eagle
Ragnar Lothbrok's children 867 year: Duke of Uppland Estate Björn Ironside (Sweden); Duke of Ivar Island Boneless (Scotland); Ubbe Ragnarsson (landless, at the court of Halfand); Duke of the possession of York Halfand White Shirt (England); Duke of Zeeland's possession Sigurd Snakeeye (Denmark).

Whip the Greater
You can start the game as Ivar the Boneless and marry one of his sons to your niece, to form an alliance with his brother Halfand the White Shirt. Use his special troops in your wars and keep your troops with you to deter AI attacks. Be sure to follow the continuity, since you start with 4 sons and "Confederate division".

End of an era
Start the game in 1066 gives you enough time to get other important achievements, such as "Holiness", "Monumental" or "Fertility".

Faster than a fox
IN 867 year Jarl Hasting, using casus belli "Conquest of the Duchy", occupied Sicily while they are at war with Byzantium. Move the capital to Palermo and begin the conquest of minor counties and duchies. To capture Byzantine lands, wait for the weakening of the enemy or look for allies. Declare War with Casus Belli Conquest of the Duchy. It is important to occupy all territories in one war, because. in the end it will be very expensive to maintain.

From dirt to Kings
The easiest way – in 1066 year to start for the heir to the Seljuk.

Give the dog a bone
Fake claims to conquer all independent counties in Italy (start over, if the Sovereign Priest has poor scholarship). In the meantime, try to make a claim to the Duchy of Lombardy, by making friends with the Pope or by fabricating Influence on him (appropriate virtues will be required from lifestyles Family Hierarchs and Intrigues). After that, you will have enough territories to form the Italian Kingdom.. To hasten the birth of dynasty members, Give land plots to all your sons and sons-in-law on the maternal side. Rulers and their spouses receive a Fertility Allowance.

Kings up to the seventh generation
Strengthen your power among your vassals, focusing on getting the Duchy of Anjou first. To do it in relative safety in France, change your Vassalage, by offering your overlord high dues in exchange for "Forfeiture of Title Impossible" and, if possible, high stamp taxes. When you are ready to fight the king, use "Intrigues: claim to the throne " (dignity required "Meritocracy").

previewimg=24588113;sizeThumb,floatLeft;imgonline-com-ua-Resize-uxnIWAgHqag.jpg][/previewimg] Last Count, first king
Sometimes a character from the start has the merit of "Meritocracy", which allows you to immediately use "Intrigues: claim to the throne "with a high enough chance. However, consider, that you still have to defeat several Muslim neighbors to form Portugal.

Playing as Hasting from Montague in 867 year, declare war of conquest against Count Gregory of Naples, to reach a diplomatic radius sufficient to start a war with the Byzantine Empire. Hire mercenaries, so as not to lose Special Soldiers. Buy one Count War squad and save money for future use. If you manage to capture important couriers, demand a ransom and get additional soldiers for the money received. When you are ready, declare war on Byzantium with the Invasion Kingdom casus belli and choose Thessaloniki. The best time to start a war, when an opponent is at war or cracking down on rebellions. Bet on county siege, close to the goal, and even desirable inside it. In the end you will have to face the armies of the Byzantine Empire, defense in most cases will lead you to victory, but if you make them cross the strait (eg, between Kalliopolis and Lampsakos), your chances of winning will increase significantly. If you dump your dignity from the start, you can follow the path of chivalry. This will help in general combat and reduce the combat score., necessary to win the war. You can now create any empire, which one you want.

The embodiment of virtue
This achievement is not available to characters., created with the help of the Ruler Editor with the three virtues of your religion, but you can create a character of another religion, and then turn into your.

Seljuk dynasty in 1066 year has the best start and the fastest progression.

You don't have to be Catholic, the main thing is to be a Christian. Faster, if you convert or create a new Christian faith, which has faster Doctrines and Doctrines of conversion and stronger Zeal.

Sibling Rivals
Alfonso has a high skill in Intrigue and, having prepared, you can kill both your brothers within two years (you may have to wait a few months in the beginning before the agents agree to help with the killings). Then claim the Kingdom of Navarre. Make the decision to "Unite the Spanish Thrones" to unite Leon, Galicia, Castile and Navarre. You now have a solid foundation to conquer the rest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Cunning fox
Start the game by obtaining enough gold to create the Duchy of Calabria and then the Kingdom of Epirus. You don't need to be independent to get an achievement, therefore you can swear allegiance to the Byzantine Empire, gain Freedom of Faith through Influence and seize the required lands as a vassal. Critical not to make the decision to Strengthen the Sicilian Parliament, because. this will lead to the loss of the title of Kingdom of Sicily.

Very difficult
Perfect circle
Doesn't require two different grandparents or great-grandparents. Requires no more than 12 unique characters among the player's parents through great-great-grandfathers (maximum possible 62; 62-50 = 12). If there is no registered parent, as for inferior origin, it is considered a whole tree of unrelated ancestors.

The unification of the Carolingians
IN 1066 year Count Herbert Vermandois, vassal of France, was the only Carling, who was on earth. I play for him, focus on getting the Abductor perk, and then on the abduction of the French king, your senor. Before that, you can fabricate the Hook for the King, to become his spy, when you're ready to kidnap him, for greater circuit strength. Once he's in jail, create a faction for independence and send an ultimatum immediately – the king cannot refuse, since he is your prisoner. This makes you an independent Carling count., which is technically considered a consolidation.

King of All Isles
The most powerful holder of the island is the Byzantine Empire. Try to start as Jarl Hastein at 867 year and take part of Sardinia, to be within them. Then immediately invade Thessaloniki with the mercenaries, to capture both islands and take Constantinople from them, to weaken them for future wars. Form or usurp a duchy, but don't create the kingdom of Thessaloniki, as the presence of the kingdom will block the decision to raise the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles. Conquer weaker islands, to glorify Hasteinn to the level of a living legend. Wait, until Ivar the Boneless or his event spawn units die, and take over Mann Island. Then use the solution Elevate the Kingdom of Mann & the Isles, to get a kingdom title and more troops to create events. Use these troops, to fight the mighty Carlings, Wessex, Arabs and Byzantines on the rest of the islands.

Universal mother
Reforming the Faith with the Doctrine of Fundamentalism and the Postulates of Mendicant Preachers, reincarnation and authorized false conversions will increase the circulation speed and resistance of the world. The Revocable Clergy Doctrine allows you to select a cleric with a higher level of education, to speed up manual conversion. Try not to abuse the Holy Wars, as they reduce fervor, and at 40% or less there may be an outbreak of heresy. Moreover, make sure, that all the vassals in your kingdom in Africa (at all levels above the counties – barons and mayors don't count) converted to true faith. Moving your capital to Cairo and transitioning to Egyptian culture will allow you to feudalize early on and gain an edge, which may be necessary for the expulsion of the Abbasids or Byzantines from Africa.

Risen from the ashes
See full requirements. In the decision to "Restore the Roman Empire".
The easiest start – Byzantium 1066 of the year – after surrendering to the Seljuks, you can declare de jure war for Croatia, Sicilian counties and Venice; Holy Wars for Africa / Middle East. Capture Lazio by hand – wait for the event of the dukedom demand and be quick, until the Pope hires too many mercenaries. Hurry up Divine right to receive and Genoa, and Romagna (they also need to be requested manually) in the same war with HRE.

What nepotism?
If you try to do this, slowly conquering foreign lands for their dynasty, you can fight that, so no one loses their throne, so it's better to get each of them their own independent kingdoms in one fell swoop. Ruling an empire, conquer ten kingdoms outside of her de jure structure, and then grant them independence all together. it, probably, easier to do in breeding mode, because it gives you extra Casus Belli, and confederal division is not a problem.

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