Tribes of Midgard: A couple of little tips for survival

This guide will help you in the early stages of the game and as a bonus one of the lucrative strategies for starting your survival in Midgard..


Fundamentals of hazards
1. Your main danger is the Jotuns and the attack on your village., if you play in a team before 4 human, 1-uh night can be protected 1-2 player, the rest should not stop the process of extracting resources. Jotuns appear in the SAGA with a break in 2-3 of the day, a red arrow on the map will show where Jotunn is coming from, I recommend that you kill them no later than 1 of the day( but if you are confident in your abilities then 2 of the day), I highly recommend that you find out in advance what kind of creature is coming to you and use their weaknesses, perhaps the most difficult boss is the witch, due to the fact that it spawns night opponents, other bosses have a long cast of skills and are easy to dodge or run away from damage. The first boss can be kicked without using weaknesses(fire means ice, kicking the witch with electricity, and the whirlwind woman has dark magic). Starting from the second Jotun, USE OF WEAKNESSES IS MANDATORY, and also do not forget about potions. As for the night waves, I recommend making an electric hammer as fast as possible and electric arrows and bows for an archer, respectively. To obtain material for the hammer, kill hydras in a swamp location, you need at least a hammer 7, without electric weapons you will die on 7 night with a high probability.

Resources and starting strategy
If you play in a team from 4 a person like me, then everything is very simple, 2 people take starter kits with weapons and armor go to farm souls in camps, rest 2 take sets with a pickaxe and an ax and hammer the rivers, which is important, do not forget to take the rees on the pickaxe and ax on the way and run further only having them with you, to farm a little on the road, be the first to download the artisan and gunsmith, we are trying to quickly build a mine and sawmill, it is not necessary but you can do it too, therefore the artisan is needed at the 3rd level, do not forget to take quests at the very beginning and run in their direction initially, additional souls will not be superfluous. Don't forget about global events ,also extra soul. After killing the first Jotun, you should already start building fortifications of the village, you beat the gates and towers of archers( if you want archers to shoot specific arrows, then throw them to them in the tower, and so they shoot from the worst to the best arrows from the chest).
You absolutely have no time to waste, the game will punish you for it , so plan your plans in advance for several days ahead. Inside the game itself there is a mini wiki where and what resource, so I won't write here. VERY IMPORTANT POINT TRY TO FIND OUT WHAT FOR YOTUNN IMMEDIATELY AS HE APPEARS LET'S HURRY TO PREPARE WEAPONS, ARMOR, etc..
An important aspect- in the saga you need to kill the Boss, its location can be bought from merchants, you can also buy useful resources from them, which you have in defect for souls. You can buy locations , at least to find out where the winter location is and go there, to build a bridge and farm resources for frost armor and weapons, come in handy for the late fire Jotun. Also, do not forget, that the boss needs to be killed before winter comes, otherwise luz, it is somewhere 15 days but this is not certain.- on 10 the day starts to get colder, on 14 day, endless night and permafrost begins, endless attacks on your base.

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