Tribes of Midgard: abilki 6 openable classes

Abilities rewritten 6 openable classes.


Can be pumped in 10% swords and axes. 20% Ice and fire.
Shield strength +25% and +50%. Max health +20% and +40%.
Block attacks from any direction (Good way).
Give mana when you take damage, or when you block.
“The last battle” – A cool way that won't let you get one shot (You don't die, your health remains on 1).
Well, the accumulation of a shield charge, you defend yourself, rage builds up, squeeze the shield – a wave flies out from you and stuns all enemies.

4 – A seer
A seer (A very good choice for savages 22+ lvl sagas, mk lets you run naked for the whole game)))
With a chance 10% when attacking, a sprout appears that heals 200 HP every few ticks (Appears even if you hit the vessels, barriers).
Acceleration of attacks +10% and +20%, Weakening enemies with combo attacks on 2/4/6/8/10%. (Reduces both their armor and attack).
Weapon durability +25% and +50%.
Can go to: Lightning, the fire, ice, dark +20%.
The most important thing “Hardening”, neutralizes the effects of temperature, now you are not cold, and not hot. But you swim just like an ax…
The power of home – grants additional health and mana while in a village (How much, I do not know. Never took).
Rapid resurrection – now you don't need 5s to lift someone, a 1c. works for you too, if someone decided to raise you.
Roots – stuns and entangles enemies, who approached the seedling (Doesn't work for everyone).
Rebirth – Enemies don't interrupt you, when you resurrect allies.

5 – Hunter
The spirit of Scandi – Chance 40% create bait when rolling.
Pre-appointment – Detects points of interest (When they're around – puts a purple arrow on the compass).
Dead eye 1 and 2 – increases the viewing range by 100% and 200% respectively (Page up and Page down to help you).
Bountiful harvest – You collect twice as much materials, isn't it great ?
Strong tools – +25% and +50% tool strength (Emm, yes, they rarely break even if you collect everything…)
Totem of Return – a good thing, put, died, appeared on it. You will lose your souls, but don't run back all the way.
Secret use – You quickly open chests and activate the sanctuary, great, truth ? Not.
Combo attacks push enemies harder.
Axes and bows by +10%. Fire and darkness +20%.

6 – Berserk
Anger Labor – you build up anger from attacks, each segment increases the speed of attacks (Goes very well with axes, which give speed with skill, fiery).
Indescribable fear – Stuns nearby enemies when killing their comrades.
Combat resistance 1 and 2 – Chance 50% and 75% don't stun / slow down.
Hellish rage – Damage increase by 25% when HP is less 25%.
Weapon durability 1 and 2 – 25% and 50% respectively.
Crete strikes 1 and 2 – Chance in 20% and 40% deal maximum damage with combo attacks.
Unleashed Rage – When the anger bar is full – you explode after 2s))) To you 0 damage, enemies 1k-2k.
Pacified Rage – gives mana for each enemy, struck by the explosion.
Hammers, axes on 10%. Fire and darkness 20%.

7 – The keeper
Shield Wall Xing – Increases the armor of nearby allies by 20% (As I understand, you need to squeeze a shield next to an ally and he is given a buff).
Shield Throw – Your shield – your weapon ! Throw it right in the face of the enemy, to hit him and 2 additional goals !
Ring of Shields – Your shield – still your weapon ! You can throw it now, so that they describe a circle around you and deafen everyone around.
Zbagoystvie of the North 1 and 2 – Increases passive HP regen by 3%, 6%.
Blocking crit hits.
Parry – you completely block attacks and stun enemies.
Without mercy 1 and 2 – increased damage against stunned enemies by 5%, 10%.
Shield strength 25% and 50%.
Axes, swords by 10%. Lightning and ice 20%.

8 – Guard (Supervisor)

Very team player, if you are walking in a crowd, 1 the guard will make the grind very easy.
Hermod's guiding stone – You now have a special pebble on T. Teleport to the village,do business and without leaving the village press T again, voila, you are there again, where the pebble was used.
Dverg work – Gear never breaks (But this is already great !), take cool bows and forget about fixing.
Stairway to Asgard – Opens the construction of the aces – Endless floors and platforms… But they last for 3-5 minutes like.
Keeper's hands 1 and 2 – Reduces the cost of making things by 15% and 30%. This is what you need, everyone puts things in the common fund, and the Guardian makes things cheaper, so that everyone has enough if they go to electricity for example 2 Viking.
Torgash – Sell ​​and buy from 25% benefit (Prices shown will be the same, but the trader works).
Invigorating return – Using stone – completely heals you and gives you mana.
Restored connection – Halves the cooldown of a pebble.
Cutter run – gives the 6th slot for the rune (Have not tried, I don't know whether it works or not).
Potion bag – Increases the maximum of potions in the slot by 1 (13.08.21 still does not bother, how they wore 3/3 potions, can now be worn 3/4)))
Fire and lightning 20%. Axes, swords, hammers, onions on 10%.

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