Project Zomboid: How to cook rice

I welcome everyone to my guide, in this guide you will learn how to cook rice and you also bothered me to ask you to make a guide on this topic



1. Rice
2. Pot with drinking water (or a saucepan)
3. Bowl 2-4 pieces (Not necessary)


1. In the crafting menu, we are looking for the section “Pour rice into saucepan / saucepan”

2. We put a saucepan with rice in any cooking device and turn ON
Cooking takes 10-15 minutes of playing time

3. After the rice is cooked, turn off the device on which you cooked it in order to avoid a fire
4. In order to arrange the rice in bowls, you will need to put at least 1 additional ingredient, it won't work without him (I will write to the developers about this bug, maybe they will fix it)


Yes, this is certainly not a doshyk, and not a fried rat..
By the way about the doshik, I recommend to see the guide on how to cook it

P.S. And I also found a bug that when you scatter cooked rice into bowls, it becomes raw for you, look, do not get poisoned

From DyxaGG

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