Project Zomboid: survival tactics 2022

Practical advice for the survivalist.


Character Creation, general principle.

Having studied the opinions of different authors, you can get confused, someone says that it is necessary to take thick skin, someone claims that “courage” You can't even press the start button., and someone plays a weakling out of shape and manages to survive quite successfully without much difficulty. There is no point in writing everything, I will only point out the general tactics of my game, you can push off from it and adjust to yourself. With the exception of individual perks, most are viable in one way or another and there are absolutely no playable builds., you just have to choose the one that best suits your playing style.

1) Learning rate decides!
“hardworking” – universal skill will fit any build. Firstly, the pumping will go faster, secondly, less resource consumption.

2) There is no excess strength!
If you don't know who to take, take a repairman, at least your weapon will serve you longer than usual – especially true if you are going to play with spears. Any build will benefit “skillful hands” strength gain +75%! Very helpful, believe.

3) Handyman.
Perks that add levels of crafting skills (other than medicine, gas welding, farming, cooking and electrical) should be considered as acceptable. Even combat skills are not as important as they are. In addition to the levels themselves, they give a good boost to the pumping of these very skills., which, together with the bonus from books, will allow you to increase them faster.

4) Take thin skin!
+6 skill points on the road do not roll. Your main task in this game is to let the walkers attack you. – so learn to play so that they can't reach you in any way.

5) high thirst – free glasses!
Enough water, you can get out without even starting the game.

6) Endurance is better than strength!
Everything is quite simple here, if you took a frail one, then a permanent advantage will allow you, gain additional power points relatively quickly. Another thing is that you can carry a little less, however, here it is so tin and plus – you will learn to take only the necessary things with you, and not to carry half of the excess warehouse behind. A low level is critical only if you are going to play through axes or run a lot.

7) smoke – do no harm to health (only for zombie!).
In my opinion, this is a perk that adds interest to the game.. Looking for cigarettes and flint and steel allows you to get a portion of joy when, after a week of abstinence, you finally take a drag and relieve accumulated stress. While a non-smoker is deprived of this opportunity. Who played that understands what's the point.

8) Stealth game = short game.
Personally, it seems to me, it is much more productive to clear the area and calmly search, than to sneak past zombies. If there are many zombies, then perk will play into your hands “perceptible”, because how can you “to collect” the whole crowd and take it somewhere, and superfluous +4 spend points on something useful. The same can be said about the graceful – clumsy. Stel I do not advise from the word at all, just for fans.

9) Don't Forget Sewing!
For me personally, this is one of the first skills that I try to raise to 10 level. Boost to defense this gives a very tangible. And despite the fact that I said above that you should play so that the zombies do not grab you in any way, however, the protection factor should be as high as possible. 100% it will not give you a chance to avoid sad consequences (sometimes even after the first attack you join the ranks of the walking), but if that, this is the last line of defense. I've had armor take damage up to three times, allowing the character to continue playing., so I advise you to pay attention. Well, a perk “seamstress” will give a boost to experience gain.

General provisions

1) Don't run!
(If you play with a walker). The character moves faster than the zombie, so use your breath wisely.

2) Overweight is almost always bad!
If you are going on a raid, make sure there is no overlap, an extra gram leading to a debuff can play a cruel joke in the long run. Leave everything else at the base., in the backpack only the current weapon, spare, water/food for a day or two, painkiller, hypnotic, sterile rags.

3) An apron is better than body armor!
Yes, yes, exactly. Despite the fact that the armor gives more protection to the top and torso, anyway the apron is better (but with loose sewing!). If you sew patches on all your clothes, then even without body armor your indicator of protection against bites and scratches will tend to 100% (can be easily achieved 100% dressing in a certain way (even if you couldn't find pants)). What can not be said about the rest of the body. In the case of an apron, you will receive +10% to protection against bites on the right and left thigh, which can ultimately lead to +70 from bites (if you got pants). Here I advise you to take overalls instead of jeans (with patches it +20% to the top and bottom of the body). I agree – it cuts running speed, but here I already spoke about running above. Playing against walkers – running is not so critical. The same goes for boots. – protection is better than speed, at least for now.

4) Overheating is not very dangerous.
I'm not saying you don't have to watch it., quite the opposite. On a hot day, take extra water with you and maybe even throw a towel or two into your backpack.. But even so, it won't make me give up my reservation in favor of “mobility”. By experience, a bowl is enough for a day.

5) Bad weather and night is not the time for raids.
It's pretty obvious here., fog, heavy rain – it's time for the routine at the base. Find a broken car, drag it to the base and turn on the receiver there on the weather frequency. Such a radio can work for a very long time., a discharged battery can be charged with a charger. Batteries should be saved for the flashlight.. Night – time for sleep and rest, if in the multiplayer, then for something else, try to make all your outings during daylight hours.

6) Freedom of movement!
If at the start of the game you did not decide to play without cars, then you should prepare for the frequent detour of broken cars. It's not very critical., still hinders movement. Hence the next tip. – clear roads of congestion. It's better to spend a little time and pull the cars to the side of the road, instead of constantly going around them, especially since over time everything overgrows, making it difficult for the already not the widest passage. It is not necessary to clear all passages, you can limit yourself to basic.

7) The car is not a luxury, but a means of survival.
The usefulness of the car is difficult to overestimate. Therefore, try to take care of the equipment you have inherited and not bring it to the stage of scrap metal.. I advise you to clear the main paths from zombies. If you have disabled the revival of walkers, then a one-time cleaning will help you get to the desired point on the map very quickly. But even with the revival turned on, this practice allows you to generally reduce travel time..

8) One car is not enough!
Frankly, I prefer to collect a whole fleet of vehicles from my base, at the same time, I drag even broken cars to the gates of my fortress. And there are two points: first – this is a fast pumping automechanics. Five wrecked cars in the yard will allow you to quickly level up to at least the fifth level so that you can service the most popular commercial vehicles. second moment – this is a source of donors for your main machines. Sometimes, seeing a broken high-quality engine, you can donate a whole one with low quality to restore it. (but only at the highest level of mechanics!).

9) Gas welding not for fences
A fence made of logs is much more practical. Wood and rags – resource available, unlike metal. Yes, there is not much difference in strength.. The only suggestion here, so it's to make separate sections of gratings to be able to look at the outside of the fence without leaving the safe perimeter. It is best to use gas welding to repair machine parts. The third level for this purpose will be more than enough.

10) different cars – different tasks
I usually have: raid vehicle, timber truck, Gasoline tanker, truck, close range vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle. Specialization will allow you not to spray on frequent maintenance of all machines, and concentrate on the main. It is better to make a fuel truck from a van with a whole trunk, the quality of the engine is not important for him. His main task is to go to the gas station once a month and collect all the canisters for the generator., after which it will peacefully stand in your yard acting as a bedside table. Not the newest parts can be put on a car for close raids, and wear out with interest from 40 to 20, while keeping an eye on her condition.. While a long haul car should be kept near perfect condition and have good engine quality.

11) River view not required.
One of the best ways to gain weight in the game is to eat fish.. For me, fishing is more convenient than hunting., although who cares. From this it turns out that the base must be placed near the water? It's not necessary at all, you can settle at a small distance from the reservoir, and just enclose a certain area with a fence, making something like a loan there, Where do you carry all your gear and bait?. Coming there from time to time you can replenish the supply of fish. By the way, having visited a warehouse with rotten vegetables and collecting them in compost by the same river, provide yourself with worms for the first time.

12) Lane traffic
It is better to drive not in the center of the road, while sticking to one of the bands, when driving back, drive in the opposite lane. Why? It's simple, the zombies that came out to the sound chase the car for some time until they forget about it and stop, stay in the lane you were driving in, so on return most (Not all) will stand in the main on one side, which will make it easier for you to deal with them., which will positively affect the condition of your car.

Skirmishes with zombies

1) Your strength in quality, them in number.
Won't be original, but let me remind you again. Try not to fight more than 2-3 zombies at the initial stage of the game and more than with 5-6 in close combat at the stage of medium buildup (weapon skill at least 3-4).

2) Spears for everyone!.
A spear – the best melee weapon in terms of parameters: affordable, powerful, not demanding. They can also fish! Even if you don't want to play through the spears, At the initial stage of the game, I advise you to still use them.. Firstly, during the cutting of trees and bushes, strength swings (we already talked about it above), and secondly, when creating copies, construction swings. kill 2 you create hares and weapons and swing the skill. (Feels better to do with sticks, than from boards – knife lasts longer, but didn't check it out).

3) Follow the rear.
ALWAYS look around, even if in a closed area. This habit more than once or twice helped to notice the walker in time.

4) Search and date.
– do not rush into the building. Take it step by step: clear the area around, go around, See who's inside, draw them out. A good way to remove shards from a window frame. “Inhabitants” run to the sound. Once you've got everyone out, come in. Shout inside, if someone started to hammer listen, if you understand that you can go alone, you can go. Working way: stand in front of the door press “E” and immediately “space”. If you don't drop, then push the zombies away, he won't grab you, further we finish.

5) low fence – weapon boost.
If possible, fight next to fences.. In some cases, the fence will help pull the crowd apart., in the case of a single zombie, strengthen even the weakest weapon. However, beware of walkers trying to drop you.. The best thing, at the moment when the zombie rolls over the fence, push it with spacebar or punch, at this moment he will fall and will not be able to attack you, being in the most vulnerable position, after which it will not be difficult to finish him off. However, be careful, if the zombie climbed over and you didn't push it, better run back, a fall can be fatal for you.

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