Kenshi: Where to find the MEITO weapon?

In this guide, I will tell you where to find meito weapons..


✔ Heavy Jutte – House 4 – Ash lands – The general.
ЗDutte – Tengu vault – West Hen – At the caretaker.

✔Short cleaver – House 1 – Ash lands – The general.
RestCrest paladin – Town Hilly Hill – Lord Phoenix.
✔Battle Cleaver – Island lab – Island to the south of the city of Katun – At the King of the Roaring (Fishmen).
✔ Lunar Slicer – Cultist village – At the Preacher.

[Heavy weapon]
✔ Composite Ax – City of Admag – At the Stone Golem.
✔ Exile Board – Old prison – East of the city of Katun – Leader Gorrillo's
✔ The falling sun – An ominous place – Ashlands Town – The general.

✔ Ninja Blade – Ninja tower – South of town Bad Teeth – In Dimak.
✔Katana – City of Gruz – Emperor Tengu.
✔Catana without cuby – House 3 – Ash lands – The general.
OpTopper – House 2 – Pepperlands – The general.
✔Add – Spooky Outpost – On the border of the Ashlands – In Savanta.
✔Vakidzasi – Port North – on the seashore north of the town of Sho-Battai – Lady Kanna.
✔Vakidzasi – Slave markets – Between Claustedy and Katun – Lady Grace.
✔Vakidzasi – Slave farm – Southeast of Heng City – In Lady Ren.

ГиNagina – City of crabs – In the very east of the peninsula, above the Ash Lands – At the crab queen.
✔Glefa – South hive – At the queen.
✔Berdysh – Tower of Cruelty – North of the city of Smooth Lagoon – At the Screamer.
✔Staff – Spider plant – Island east of the city of Black Scar – The broken robot.

✔Earth Saber – Throne of the Spider Master – Arachne crater near the sea coast south of the city of Admag – The owner of the spiders.
Sword – Merchant's Edge – City of Han – The leader.
Sword – The ark – Southeast of the city of Black Abrasion – In Valamon.
✔Saber with a hole – Tower of Cruelty – North of the city of Smooth Lagoon – In Mon..
✔Konerub – Lair of the Red Sabers – Southwest of the city of Akula – The leader.
✔Desert Saber – At the Warlord of the Allied Cities (Ripped out the eye), who attacks after you repel the attacks of other units. In case of war with allied cities. Toothed out beetle of the race of the southern hives.
✔Saber with rings – Iron headquarters – On the peninsula north of the Ashlands, in the middle of a big rift – Elder Skeletal Bandits.

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