Back 4 Blood: How to breathe

Hello everyone! Today I will tell, how to breathe in Back4Blood.
1. Types of breathing in the game:
Different exercises for the development of the respiratory system emphasize different types:
– Upper. The diaphragm and abdominal muscles are practically not used, breathing is carried out through the upper chest;
– Middle. The diaphragm drops slightly, and the abdominal muscles contract;
– Nizhny. The diaphragm is actively activated, while the stomach is as relaxed as possible;
– Completely. Provides maximum oxygen to the lungs by engaging the three chest sections;
– The reverse. Due to the tension of the abdomen and the lowering of the diaphragm, the internal organs are slightly squeezed, massage effect is provided;
– Delayed. Can be performed after inhalation, exhalation or after each action.

2. What is conscious breathing:
To help your lungs breathe fully, you will have to learn this process again. First you need to understand, that the diaphragm helps in the process of "horizontal" breathing. A person does not breathe air in his stomach, but, connecting it to the breathing process, allows filling the lungs to the maximum. Research has shown, that the practice of mindful breathing according to the principle 4-7-8 (inhale in four counts, delay seven and exhale eight) allows the body to relax faster, improves digestion and strengthens the immune system.

To feel the work of the diaphragm, sit in a comfortable position or lie on the floor, put your left hand on your chest, and the right one on the stomach. Feel, how the belly rises and falls, while the chest remains motionless. Practicing horizontal breathing regularly, try to slow it down to 10 breathing cycles per minute (1 cycle - inhale and exhale), gradually increasing exhalation.

3. How Often To Practice Mindful Breathing:
Get in the habit of paying attention to your breath several times a day.. for example, take a few minutes to observe your breaths in and out in the morning, before getting out of bed, and in the evening before going to bed. If possible, remind yourself to "horizontal" breathing throughout the day and notice, how do you breathe in everyday life. This practice will help you breathe through your diaphragm more often., which means oxygenating your body, relieve stress and improve sleep.

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