Black Book: Puzzle in the Dog's Spring

This guide is designed to make it easier for you to make difficult witchcraft amateur performance in the Perm province..



This small guide will help a young sorcerer solve the first game puzzle., which appears in Nikolai's side quest.
For convenience and greater clarity, game screenshots will be attached to the guide; in them you can see the correct order in solving this problem., demons won't mind too much, if instead of the name Athanasius, Eustace and Spyridon, we will denote them as X, Y, WITH (cm. first screen)

Let's get started!

Solving the puzzle

IN first round we cast the following mara charms on the following demons:
1. Korkusha on rage Z
2. Ognevicu na besa Y
3. Blood, light up on yourself
4. We direct Nikolai's blow to the imp Y

Screen ordering:

In second round we need to catch our breath. To do this, we use the Alatyr spell on ourselves..

In the final third round we show a unique witchcraft trick in this order:
1. Skorchen na besyka Z
2. Trouble at all
3. Rudu na besa X

Visual sequence:

In this less cunning way, we send someone's demons for a long walk into oblivion..

Thank you for your attention!
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