Black Book: Basics for newcomers to witchcraft + bonus

Beginner's Guide, which will tell you about the basics of the game, witchcraft terms, will help you learn the basics of combat and understand the effects of the first seal words.



It's your time to take the Black Book into your own hands, take devils into service from their grandfather and protect good Christian people from encores, yes unclean damned. But to become knowledgeable, need to study hard, the words you need to be able to select and make strong conspiracies okay.

This guide is intended for beginners., who barely passed initiation and do not understand how to deal with conspiracies and will only touch on the first chapter)

This is the first time I am writing such a case., I will be very happy to help fill in the gaps!

The main

Sinner or righteous?

The Black Book has a function of sins, (you will encounter her for the first time at the initiation ceremony, when choosing the number of minions-devils) which plays an important role in the opening of the ending.
Your Sin Score Rises As a Result of Your Decisions, if you send devils to spoil people or choose not the most humane answers in dialogues. If you decide to follow the righteous path, but accidentally typed a couple of sins – dont be upset, in some locations you can “to ask”. Also,in the path of the righteous, the ability to send devils to useless work will be useful.

What is a conspiracy?

Conspiracy – the main component of the battles in the game. It is a combination of words, one turn. There are two parts to the conspiracy: Orders with which the conspiracy begins (denoted by a scroll symbol in the upper left corner of the page) and Key (denoted by the symbol, surprisingly, key) which completes it.
Your conspiracy will always be limited reduction – it is the ability to read a certain number of words per turn (aka mana). At first you will have a couple of orders and one key., but the rate of speed reading will grow with the level and development of the character.

Another subtlety of plotting is the division of words into White and Black.

White words carry good will, intended for treatment, protecting and buffing a loved one.
Black the words are the opposite, are harmful and are mainly needed to attack the enemy or apply a debuff on evil spirits.

Words don't disappear when applied for good (there are of course exceptions, but not about that yet), they return to your hands after a certain number of moves, each time a little mixing at the behest of random.
When you plot, you need to clearly understand, what if you only used black words this turn – the next turn of pages with them may be much less than you expected. And vice versa, took more whites – there may be more blacks left on the next move.

According to my observations, such “color change” happens every 2-3 course, depending on the enemy.

Where do the words in the Black Book come from??

Words can be obtained in three ways:

  • After every successful battle, choosing one of the three proposed (four if the skill is pumped)
  • After visiting locations and dialogue in them
  • Buy from the scribe
  • Win cards against demons

From words, inside the Black Book, you can form something like a collection (aka deck), which you will use in battle. The collection can contain any number of words, but not less than 13 and not more than 33.


This section of the menu is responsible for pumping special skills.. For special skill points (they are given as the level rises) you can buy skills or upgrades, which will help in the game. for example, unlock the witchcraft ability to cheat while playing the fool. Some skills will become available for purchase only upon reaching a certain level, they are mainly in the Chernobay section.

Skills are grouped into four sections: Chernobaystvo, Awareness, Librarianship, Devil's knowledge. But I don't see the point in dwelling on each one, the game has fairly detailed descriptions of all skills. I can only advise first of all to increase the bag for things)


Various items are called things in the game, which have certain effects, add words to the plot and / or impose statuses on the player. Initially, you have only three slots available for things, but the bag can be expanded by purchasing the corresponding skills.

Things can be disposed of in different ways.
If you go along the path of the least sin – I advise you to look for things, which neutralize the effect of unoccupied devils.
If you are an avid sinner – feel free to wear whatever is useful in battle. I find it especially successful to increase the supply of lives and things that add words to the conspiracy.. for example – box. In the very first conspiracy, she activates the black word “Glass devils”, which inflicts on 3 damage to all opponents.


There are herbs in the inventory tab next to the items..
Herbs have different effects: can heal, give protection, impose statuses on you and the enemy. But you can use them once per turn. (with the purchase of a skill – 2 times) and they are finite.

You can buy herbs from a herbalist, get by traveling on the map or find in locations where Vasilisa can run (study your surroundings carefully).

Pestle with devils

By inheritance from grandfather Yegor, you with nobility inherited a whole motley of devils. These unclean ones are in your service, but they will torment Vasilisa if they do not occupy them with business (take lives, protection, impose negative statuses).
Sending devils to work, if successful, you can get a few rubles, with some probability of herbs and increase the rate of sin. At first, the devils do not really share their wishes for work and you will most likely fail most of the tasks., but having pumped the skill in the Chertoknowledge section you can see on the map whoever you like best.

Dictionary of statuses and effects (complemented by)

Orient yourself before compiling a collection(decks) help a small vocabulary by the effects of words and things:

  • Blessing: (status) damage buff for yourself
  • Gesture: does not waste speed reading, that is, it applies even if all the places for words in the conspiracy are already taken
  • Strong: helps in plotting. A strong word remains in the conspiracy for a certain number of moves and affects folding words of the same color.
  • Fierce: increases damage by 2 after applying on all words with the same name. In fact, a word that ap- pears after being applied and returns to the hand with an already higher damage value. If you have two of these, they will further strengthen already in the conspiracy.
  • Prayer: (thing) increases blessing, working like piety.
  • Piety: (status) increases the received protection. Works if after this word in the conspiracy there are words that give protection (Avona, Abdelay, Slave yes what yes)
  • Amulet: (status) depending on the numerical value on the page, throws a certain amount of protection in each move. The word "In the name of the father", eg, protection is given for three turns. First move +3, second +2, the third +1
  • Spoilage: (negative status) debaff, deals damage bypassing shields. With each turn, the damage dealt is reduced by 1 units. Imposed on the enemy through a conspiracy or automatically added, if a certain thing is worn. You can get damage not only from the enemy, but also from the demon tormenting you, if he is not busy with work.
  • Regeneration: (status) restores life at the start of the turn
  • Evil eye: (status) reduces damage done
  • Folding:the meaning of the word effect increases by 1 for every other word of the same color in the conspiracy. I speak otherwise, said “Avona” You'll get 5 protection, but if there is another white word in the conspiracy – value “Avona” will increase and give you 6 protection.
  • Removes negative status: removes poison from you, spoilage, evil eye yes yes
  • Removes positive status: removes a blessing from an opponent, regeneration, piety yes yes
  • Glass devils: (thing casket) inflicts on the first turn 3 damage to all opponents
  • Increases the number of orders / keys in the book in the next turn: adds pages to hand, the next turn the choice of words will be more. Twist same.
  • Ghoul: for every point of damage you deal, you get +1 life
  • Poisons: (status) debuff for a certain number of moves, takes life away

Compiling a collection of words (decks)

At the beginning of the game, I advise you to grab all the words that you get., because you won't have a lot of money to buy / create. When the words accumulate in a decent amount, you can set the setting so that they do not fall directly into the hand and compose your collection by hand.

Do not immediately throw all the pages with black words on damage to the maximum., most likely you will fail in the first battle with several opponents. At least because, that our lives are not endless, and black words contain a debuff (Spoilage, Poison, Evil eye yes yes) actively used against you by your opponents, especially, if the opponent is not some abstract devil, and the real boss with 100+ lives. And you just won't have time to extinguish it, using herbs.

Given the limitation in 33 maps and “color change” in hand during the game, personally, I decided that it would be wiser to keep a certain balance between white and black, with a slight margin towards the latter. The emphasis is mainly on folding black words., because. they reinforce each other and give protection to white words. For a serious hill as such, no words are provided in the first print, there is only folding “Needle”, but I use it insofar as leaving at the expense of protection.

From the words of the first press, I collected such a collection:

But for someone who still didn't understand anything, advice is: throw 15 whites (necessarily 4-5 pcs of normal protection), 15 black (necessarily 4-5 pcs strong damage), and distribute the remaining three as you like. And try, trying, try again. Everyone has their own style of play and only you know which is more convenient for you)

So, in front of you the devil

The combat system looks complicated only at first glance., in fact, it is intuitive and extremely simple, you just have to adapt to a specific enemy)

How to beat the devil if he's the boss

Consider the example of a fight with a cat Proshka: he throws buffs for himself two moves, one turn is sometimes healed, and then three moves will attack you.


Vasilisa starts almost all battles first., because she has several moves (in this case 2) in order to inflict maximum damage.

On the first turn it is not necessary to lay out all the strongest black words, better to do it “preparatory”. You can pronounce a conspiracy containing a folding word to increase damage, white words to reinforce the fold and one black strong (to reinforce the fold of the next move) or just black with spoilage.

In the second turn it's already possible to start the heat in full. Use a few folding words, which from the fold increases the damage done (eg, Kila), if available, you can also add the word “Key language”, it will not waste speed reading and will also help in the fold. Try to use only black words this time for maximum effect..


After a successful attack, next your turn, the enemy may have a sword over his head with a certain number (damage). It means, that after your move, evil spirits will go on the attack and you can postpone black words for a while (which almost did not remain in the hand because of “color change”).

With protection, the situation is somewhat thinner, because the shield disappears before each move and “accumulate” it cannot be, which means there is no point in making a shield 20+, if the devil hits for example 10. Less is better here sometimes, the more.
But still, you can make the protection long-term, due to buffs. “Amulet” will give you some protection at the start of the turn (until the counter goes off), but in combination with “Piety” – protection will be more.
Folding and strong words can be used in the same way as with black words., but remember that the defense lasts longer than the attack and you need to lose as few lives as possible.
Then, on your next turn, a sword with a number will appear above the enemy's head. This means that after your turn he will attack, and the number near the sword – the damage you will receive.

Ordinary devil

Regarding fights with common devils, not bosses, it's even easier here.
As a rule, their attack / defense moves take turns and you just need to seize the moment. If there are several opponents, look at abilities, they possess. for example, if the devil has the ability to call friends – wiser to mow it down first, even if others take a little of your life.

It's even easier not to fight the devils at all. In some cases, instead of fighting, you can simply win them as a fool., and you will receive new words at the end also at the end.

Combat puzzle

Puzzle battles will sometimes come across you as you progress through the game. Your skills don't matter here, things, collection of words – all words in a certain amount are given by the game. Also, the number of moves in the puzzle is limited, after which the battle is automatically closed.

With the update, after 3 unsuccessful attempts passing the puzzle battle it becomes possible skip the fight.

Health recovery

If, for some reason, most of your health and all herbs have been spent in battle, I recommend not to go further through the storyline locations, and visit first all open secondary – there it may be possible to get medical treatment.

You can restore health in several ways:

  • Visiting certain locations and acting in them(church, gathering places with songs, read a prayer yes yes)
  • Return to the hut
  • By conspiracy, appropriate words (Greetings, Needle)
  • With herbs (Adam's head, Cuckoo tears, yes, yes)
  • With the help of things for regeneration

Sloth bonus (spoilers possible)

This is very unfair and, frankly, some kind of devilry… But it was not for nothing that by the end of the first chapter, the counter of sins exceeded a hundred! Catch the answer-guesses!

Spinner Skull Riddles

When you just come to the Spinner, the entrance to her domain is guarded by a skull, which you can then take with you, if you prove your nobility. Skull asks to guess the riddle, but you can continue to guess further, getting 50 experience for each answer (Total 5 riddles).

1. The village is all inhabited, in the morning the roosters sing, but people don't get up

2. The warriors are singing, dry wood is being driven, drove into a bump, there is no way to leave

3. Steel horse, and the tail is linen
Needle with thread

4. Walks without legs, sleeves – no hands, mouth – without a word

5. The ship was scattered on the moss, across the seas, in all cities. Not to collect this ship for princes, I don't pop, nor to the Duma clerks, nor silver coins
Sky and stars

The solution to the jigsaw puzzle:

It turns out the oven + the fire + ушат (wooden basin with handles)

Huge Log Puzzle Solution (Changeling):

1 move: Rize imperishable, Fear, Herod's bones, Николай
2 move: Headless, Urazy, Enaha five

Solving the Puzzle of Kladnik

1 move: Tselkovy, Tselkovy, Ore, Corruption of Levontia
2 move: Avona, Judea, Gold treasury, (damage will finish)

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