Black Book: Blessings deck

Black Book Deck on Blessings


Basic mechanics
The deck itself is designed for the GG buff with the subsequent destruction of evil spirits.
Basic deck mechanics – Blessing, as the name suggests.

Everything is simple here - each status of a blessing increases your damage by the value of this very blessing.. Loses one stack with each move. As you can see from the screenshot, can be overclocked to indecent sizes.

We also use Devotion - increases the received armor. Also loses 1 walking stack.

And Strong - allows you to save the card in the conspiracy for the next turn

First seal.
The game on the first seal is quite simple and you can play it in any way. But it is worth putting the following words in the deck.

  • Imp sorcerer x1 allows you to remove a useful status from our enemies, especially useful in boss battles.
  • Language x4 allows us to throw a lot of damage from above. Under the blessing is dangerous enough. So, for example, if you have in Egoriy Batyushka, then the damage of each gesture will increase by 3, and gestures can be 4 in a conspiracy, and this (1+3)*4= 16 damage, which is enough for the first print by itself.
  • Salamander x1 - our healing and cleansing from harmful statuses.
The second seal is aspen
When switching to the second seal, discard all passing cards from 1 print. Here we are interested in the following cards.

  • Draw x4 - works the same as language, but gives us protection.
  • Moon brothers x4 -our basic syllable, lovely card, gives both damage and protection
  • Nikola da Egoriy x4– overclocks our moon brothers map for obscene values
Third seal - watermark
Here we are interested in 2 cards

  • Eritica squad x4 is a super strong card. Suppose you have 7 demons and 20 bogo-Orthodox the damage will be (3+20)*7= 161 is a lot, the card is capable of one-shot bosses. And in general, he shoots everyone.
  • Stronger than steel х4 – we hang strong on our other cards

I must say right away that the game at the time of writing the guide does not correctly calculate the damage under the blessing. But demolish 500+ damage from one card is quite real.

Fourth seal-wolf
The fourth seal in its arsenal has a number of powerful cards.

  • Grandma Yaga x2 - increases the number of orders by 2. Required card, since we ideally need to both buff and attack.
  • Atamanushka grandmother х2 – increases the number of keys by 2. Both of these cards allow us to walk with our whole hand and plot on 13+ words. We don't have a lot of keys in the deck, 2 cards were enough for me.
  • Pious word x2-4 - good boost to damage, imposes a prayer status, which in turn gives you a Blessing every turn, but the card itself is quite slow, and on subsequent seals we will replace it.
  • As well as a new damage card, you can put one in the deck – Firecracker x1.

Fifth seal - spruce
  • Enaza-bes x1 replacement for Imp sorcerer
  • Tickling – can be replaced by Firestar.

Sixth fern seal
We are not interested- skipping

The seventh seal is dead

  • Nikolay father x3 - collect 100+ defense on the first move - easy. On the second, it is already going under 300 armor, thus we are completely unbreakable.
  • Satanovich-five x2-4 - a fairly strong buff on all cards with folding
  • Egor the devout x4 = plus 8 to damage and does not take place in the conspiracy. He gives much more under the devil.
  • Than x4, just constant damage to the face

An unpleasant fact should be noted here., that in hell we lose demons and the squad stops working. and it is necessary to look for an alternative in terms of damage.

Helpers and artifacts
The obvious choice is the crow, it is a pity that he appears in the second half of the game. And then it quickly disappears, but nonetheless, he can help us.

From artifacts we wear everything that increases our Blessing. As well as Artifacts that protect us from various negative effects.

Deck Example
I finished the game with the following cards

  • Than x3
  • Nikola Batushka x4
  • Moon Brothers x4
  • Salamander x1
  • Grandma Yaga x2
  • Egoriy the Pious x4


  • Imp-sorcerer x1
  • Atamanushka Granny х2
  • Language key x4
  • Draw x4
  • Satanovich five x4

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