BIGFOOT: Location of all corpses

The location of all corpses on all available maps for the achievement “Redwood Criminologist”


John Coleman
John Coleman's body is not far from the locations “Grant Grove Village” и Giant’s Tree”, near the reservoir

Ruby Bray
Ruby Bray's body is between locations “Gray Falls” and “General Sherman Tree”, near the fence

Peter Mills
Peter Mills' body is in location “Elam Campground”, not far from the cliff

Monica Chambers
Monica Chambers' body is also, like the body of Peter Mills, located in the location “Elam Campground”, near the red grill

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  1. Нету не Питера, ни моники. Обман!!! Я был на локации и ходил между, нет их там сфотали криво, непонятно, два этих тела спавнятся в других местах, но точно не тут!!!!!

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