BIGFOOT: What are totems on the Winter Park map for?

In this guide, my friend and I will explain to you, why do we need totems (skulls) on the map Winter Park.


On the new Winter Park map, you can find sticks with skulls on them, “totems“.
If fast, then these “totems” needed for resurrection, read more in the manual:
(in the screenshot, the skull is not on the original stick, sorry).

Place of application
From these sticks, You can by pressing the button “E” remove the skull and it will be saved in your inventory (in the tab, with lanterns).
After that, how will you find four of these skulls (just so much, how much a player can keep in inventory), go to this place on the map (a fork on the main road can become a landmark):
And there is such a monument:
(general shot)
(frame closer)

And putting the skulls on four stands and laying in the middle of his dead friend, You can resurrect him (not clear yet, it only works at night or always):
(There are not four skulls in the photo, since I already saved a friend).

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