The Riftbreaker: High complexity (how to play)

I will describe in a nutshell, what I understood after passing the company at high difficulty.


1.Combination of buildings: 1 Breeding ground + 4 Harvester = Grants Infinite Rare Resources (titanium, palladium etc.)
Bonus: you will have a huge amount of biomass for bioelectric power plants – which are cheap, and at the 3rd energy level they give very good.
Note: to make it all work , in the nursery, you need to choose the type of plants that you want to grow. to do this, click on it , that a menu has appeared where it can be de-energized, etc.. there in the center is a leaf icon, there you can already choose what to grow.
But there won't be much choice right away, you need to scan different plants and especially crystals during the game, so that there are especially profitable plant options for growing. These are probably the main secrets of the game., as it allows you not to run around the map from one location to another.

2.Grow resources in nurseries on AVANPOST , and not on the main base.
Since while you are playing on the main card or other cards, there will be no acid rain or tornado at the outpost, no meteorite rain and attacks of hordes of mobs. This means if you do not go to the outpost with nurseries , then they are completely safe and steadily pump resources for you.

3. When there are many nurseries and therefore hundreds of thousands of biomass and bioelectric power plants – you can build factories for the synthesis of two basic metals from electricity and thus fully provide yourself with resources.

Place for base
It is better to set the base near geothermal springs and lakes with mud(brown) or sludge(green).
When I have already developed technology, resource deposits are pumped out very quickly, and the geothermal power plant always works, and due to its energy, you can always supply buildings for the synthesis of two basic metals. + you get the water you need “Rassadnikov”
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