The Riftbreaker: Campaign tips

How to make an impenetrable base? How to get infinite resources? How to make Mr. Riggs indestructible? For this and much more, welcome to the guide 🙂



Do not rush to set up headquarters – scout the map first. The camera_enable_zoom console command will help with this. 1 , which will allow you to zoom in / out the camera. purpose – find a place for the base, fenced off at least 50% rocks, dirt and (or) sludge. The base should be at some distance from the edges of the map – there will be more time to react. It is highly desirable to have a geothermal source on the territory – in the early stages it is a good energy generator, and then – water source for research, breeding grounds and fusion.

Stick headquarters, around it a small fortified area with walls, and gradually expand the territory using natural obstacles.


First goal – get breeding grounds from the alien tech tree. They will allow you to get an endless flow of resources.. note, what can you find plant, which produces, for example, titanium, but without titanium mining technology, collecting from plants will not work.

Second goal – scan invisible monsters and learn stealth technology for the robot. This modification comes as a movement skill (there is a jump and a dash), but many times exceeds them. Stealth will allow you to freely rummage around the map and peacefully scan everything, what do you need – it will be needed to farm resources from nurseries. You can also build in stealth, but you cannot use skills and attack.

Next, we collect resources, researching and expanding to endgame content.


The most annoying enemies first:
Bomogan – will stand outside the range of normal towers and bomb them. So it is obligatory to build artillery towers.
Gnerot – physical immunity. They appear quite late in the attacking waves., but they can tank towers for a very long time while other enemies destroy everything. Against them, I prefer laser towers.. They are good at sawing ordinary opponents..

Accordingly, the recipe is – more laser towers (don't forget to put energy storage), anything with an area attack (fireworks or plasma), rear artillery and repair towers. Dilute to taste with any other towers.

Be sure to build nuclear artillery before the final wave. Supply the water, stick the thermonuclear, from it pipes with plasma to the walls, shield generators near walls. Plasma converter behind and 2 nuclear cannon. It helps a lot to thin out waves of enemies until they come to the walls.

Walls – minimum 2 layer, additional rows of walls should go forward. To make the wall pattern look like a comb.
Something like this:
| | | | | | | | | | |
Enemies are blunt and will attack the protruding parts of the walls giving the towers time to crumble them.

Robot equipment

Movement skills
I have already said about the invisibility generator in the movement skill. – be sure to get it.
Second useful skill – teleport. It can be opened by scanning monsters that are immune to energy damage on a desert map.. With the teleport, you can jump over walls and rocks, and also keep your distance in battle.

Skills – I will highlight the most interesting
Mines help to defend at the beginning of the game (advice from the Captain), but then they become unnecessary.
Portable turret – put 4 things around the alien artifact before exploring it.
Grenades – at the beginning of the game help to thin out the crowds of enemies.
Emergency explosion – not needed. If the robot is surrounded, then you are doing something wrong.

I'll tell you right away – making an invulnerable tank will not work. And I recommend having different sets of improvements for the fight, research and construction.

Combat and exploration – I did not appreciate the armor, but liked the set of four energy sensors. At the maximum level, it is 200 shield, which starts to regenerate quite quickly. With some experience, the robot takes damage quite rarely and manages to restore all shields.

Building – build 4 “Maintenance tool” and build expensive buildings only with them. 60% reducing the cost and construction time at the maximum level it is very pleasant.

Melee weapon
I almost didn't use it because the robot is flimsy and it is better to shoot everything from afar. But I tested all kinds of.
Liked the spear the most. It has an attack range almost like a flamethrower and slows down opponents. Accordingly, you can slowly step back and poke enemies with a stick of the item.
UPD in the next patch the spear will be nerfed(

Ranged weapon
The best weapon – blaster. Not, it is not joke. As soon as you have a blaster with an upgrade slot, insert an area damage mod into it, take a blaster in each hand and quickly click with the mouse buttons towards the enemy. It's all. With two max-level blasters, the final wave is easily fought back. I just stood and shot towards the enemy, focusing on the map. Nobody even got to the screen. Additional plus – no ammo needed and no one has resistance to energy weapons.
On the blaster of the maximum level, you need to set the mod for area damage and 2 mod for the number of shells per shot. It is also advisable to collect a blaster with 1.4 projectile per shot and 1.4 shot per turn.

Now about another interesting weapon
Minigan – pleasant, but there are enemies with resistance to physical damage.
Grenade launcher – most valuable, what shoots canopy. By moving the camera away, you can shoot a grenade through the rocks.
Laser – cheerfully crumbles thick enemies immune to physical damage.
Plasmagan – good rate of fire, area damage, quickly eats ammunition. Until I tried blasters, I walked with a plasmagan.
Corrosion gun – nice if you put the mod on homing shells. Needed to kill flying rocks on volcanic maps.
Large caliber weapons – everything is fine until an enemy with physical immunity is caught.

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