In my guide you can find out, what could be the achievements in the game Phasmophobia.


good day, Russian White in place. Later 150 hours in Phasmophobia I pondered, why there are no achievements. Well, since the developers cannot do, I will do.

Find a bone on Asylum
Find a bone on Asylum. I can only say one thing, if you find this bad, then you can tell everyone about, what are you a pro. This is a challenge only for the strongest.

Pick up the soap
If you play with a friend on Prison, then go to the shower and tell him, so he picks up the soap. While your friend picks him up, then I advise you to be in the back.

Scare your friend with the TV
On some maps(Tanglewood, Willow) there are TVs. If your friend has recently played, you can scare him with the remote control. The main thing is not to be frightened by his screams..
But if you fail to scare, then just flick the remote, until your teammate leaves the game.

Complete tasks in Japanese
One of the difficult tasks, which can only be performed by sensei phasmas. Try assignments in Japanese. The main condition for the execution of the test – not be an anime guy.

Escape from the revenge
If achievement “Escape the revenant while hunting”, then do it without incense.
After completing a successful escape, leave as far and quickly as possible, otherwise he will catch up with you, even on the road.

Light a bonfire
On the Maple Lodge Campsite map, you can light a fire and become the same, like my friend in the photo.

If you complete all achievements, then congratulations, remove phase.
Russian White is always there, play good games, see you!

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