Phasmophobia: Cursed Items & Ghosts Guide

A guide for those, who already knows all the basics of the game


Location of all cursed items

Tanglewood: -children, wall shelf (Music Box)
-near the master badroom (Mirror)
-living room, little table (Cards)
-basement, far table (Ouija board)
-basement, in the middle (Summoning circle)
-garage, left tank (A voodoo doll)

Edgefield s.h.:-at the entrance immediately to the right, by the hanger (Mirror)
-at the entrance immediately to the right, on a nightstand (Tarot cards)
-living room, bedside table (Music Box)
-laundry, under the shelves (Ouija board)
-basement, second room (Summoning circle)
-2 floor, boys bedroom, penultimate room (A voodoo doll)

Ridgeview r.h.:-at the entrance, on the bedside table on the right (Tarot cards)
-opposite the basement, over the bedside table (Mirror)
-laundry, on the shelf (Ouija board)
-at the piano, at the end of Hallway (A voodoo doll)
-2 women's bedroom floor, last room on the left (Music Box)
-basement (Summoning circle)

Willow s.h.: -at the entrance to the left, on a nightstand (Music Box)
-on the TV table, in the sofa (Tarot cards)
-laundry, in the garage, on the washer (Ouija board)
-laundry, in the garage, to the left of the shelves (Mirror)
-in the men's bedroom, last room on the right, in the closet (A voodoo doll)
-in the basement, after the shelves (Summoning circle)

Grafton f.h.: -hallway, immediately to the right on the shelf (Music Box)
-hallway, above the battery on the left (Mirror)
-canteen, immediately to the left, on the table (Tarot cards)
-1 floor, left room after master badroom, after the living room immediately to the left, then left again (Ouija board)
-2 floor, room on the left, in bed on chests (A voodoo doll)
-2 floor, last room on the right, garbage room, where are the lockers, in the end (Summoning circle)

Bleasdale f.h.:-first room to the left, little table (Tarot cards)
-first room to the left, by the chair (Mirror)
-living room, coffee table (Music Box)
-workshop, 1 floor, table with a hammer (Ouija board)
-the end 2 floors, armchair (A voodoo doll)
-attic, left (Summoning circle)

All the key signs of ghosts

Banshi: -hunting the chosen player
-crucifix range for Banshee 5 meters
-rare special sounds that can be heard through a directional microphone

Demon: -hunting for any reason
-between hunts 20 – 30 seconds
-the time after which the Demon will hunt after incense is now reduced to 60 seconds (standard – 90 seconds)

Gore: -gives dots only in the van
-guaranteed dots for “nightmare”

Hunt: -moves quickly in cold rooms
-when hunting, Hantu will have steam from the mouth in all rooms

Jinn: -never turns off the electricity directly
-moves very fast, like Raiju, if the generator is on
-played with electrical appliances

Mara: -does not turn on the light in the room
-hunts at 60%, if there is no light in her room; at 40%, if the light is on
-likes to turn off the lights
-often move to dark rooms
-only turns off the light

Müling: -footsteps are audible only at the distance of the flashlight blinking

Obake: -sometimes 6 fingerprint
-sometimes prints stick 1 minute instead of 2
-guaranteed prints on “nightmare”

They are: -sometimes throw objects far
-actively interact with objects

Onryo: -candle is incense
-if the candle goes out, then the attack will start

Raiju: -runs fast near switched on electronics

Revenant: -fast on direct contact with the victim
-slow, if he doesn't see anyone

Shadow: -only hunts, if sanity is lower 35%
-little interaction
-no hunt, if there are several people in the room

Mimic: -guaranteed orb in the nightmare
-guaranteed 3 evidence in the nightmare
-on other difficulties has 4 proof of, orba – imaginary

Twins: -two interactions at almost the same time
-only 1 from ghosts gives sub-zero temperatures

Mirage: -leaves no residue on salt

Yuri: -drains the mind with events, not giving interaction
-incense will not only prohibit starting a ghost hunt for 90 seconds, but also will not let him leave the room.

Yokai: -when talking, begins to hunt with a higher sanity 80%
-does not hear players while hunting, only if it is very close

Spirit: -many and often footsteps outside the hunt are heard

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