Dead Cells: How to get the skin of the Hollow Knight and other heroes in the Update 26

Mini-guide for getting new guns and skins, added to Dead Cells with the 26th Update.


All new items of equipment can be obtained at the minimum level of difficulty in Prison Cells. Make sure, that you have story rooms turned on and go in search. Your target is special altars, which are a reference to a particular game. All of them 6, each will give a new gun.

A clean nail from Hollow Knight

Machete and revolver from Curse of the Dead Gods

Solid Lightsaber from Hyper Light Drifter

Skull bone: The Hero Slayer

Blasphemous Face Flask

Power Eggs from Guacamelee

To obtain Blasphemous costume, you need to take the Facial Flask and try to kill yourself with it. For the first time you will be forgiven and given the skin, but the second time it's better not to do this, otherwise death.

To obtain Hollow Knight costume, you need to arm yourself with the Nail and 5 jump them from the thorns once in a row, never touching them.

To obtain Skull costume, you need to get to the cemetery location, find there a special cross with a skull and hit it with a ramming attack (hit the floor).

To obtain Hyper Light Drifter suit, you need to equip a solid lightsaber, put on the Drifter costume from exit the starting area of ​​Prison Cells. The default Drifter suit is knocked out of the Demon on difficulty levels from 2 boss cells.

To obtain costume from Guacamelee, you need to equip Hayabusa Boots or Spartan Sandals (possibly, will work with spiked boots too) and land at least one blow on the Fat Zombie from the Abandoned Crypt. To not run far, you can do it in the Training Rooms.

AND, finally, To obtain costume from Curse of the Dead Gods, you need to finish the race on any difficulty level, never taking damage from any traps. Not once! Sounds scary, but actually not that hard, as it seems.

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