Imba build for all difficulty levels in Dead cells

Shalom, a guide for those who have just started playing and do not know, what exactly to use for more efficient passing of the game, although people, who understand the game can also be useful.
The build shows itself well at all difficulty levels., and items for its creation can be easily obtained in a few hours of play. If you cannot knock out any drawing, then I advise you to download specials from a collector. shop, where you can buy a hunter's grenade. With its help, you can easily knock out any blueprint with a 100% chance..


Weapons and skills
Let's start,
1. Assassin's dagger. His blueprint is located above the starting room on the path of the doomed.. The dagger deals crit. damage if the blow falls on the back of the enemy. We put it in the first slot. Reforging additional crits and freezing nearby enemies after kills.

2. Shards of ice. The blueprint can be obtained after the 3rd killing of the Timekeeper in the clock room. This weapon, when it hits an enemy, slows it down by 5 seconds. Deals crit. damage if the enemy is in water or covered in napalm. Accordingly, we put the fragments in the additional slot. weapons. Reforging also for crits.
<—- Time keeper

3. Flash. Dropped by runners on the trail of the doomed with a chance 0,4%. When used, teleports you behind the enemy's back and increases subsequent damage by 70 or higher (Depending on the level of brutality). We place in any skill slot convenient for you. Pick up a reformer to cover enemies with napalm for extra. ice shard damage.
<—- Runner

4. An aura of torment. Her blueprint drops after completing the 5th daily challenge. Surrounds the character with an aura, which deals good damage to enemies within its radius of action. Also put in any of the skill slots. Can be reforged to burn in order to deal more damage to enemies in napalm.

1. The will to win. Reduces the cooldown of skills by 0.4 seconds for each enemy (maximum for 3 seconds at the level of brutality 25+), killed in hand-to-hand combat. Available by default.

2. Weaponsmith Instinct. Reduces the cooldown of skills by 0.08 seconds (maximum for 1 second at the level of tactics + survivability + brutality 24+) for each critical hit. Does not fire more often than 1 times in 0.45 seconds. Also available by default

3. Dead inside. Increases health points (Further, the abbreviation OZ is used.) on 50% and increases the percentage of healing from the flask by 6%, increases the level of infection with ailments, but on low difficulty it won't touch you. Blueprint drops with a chance 1,7% from the spearman, at the location of the royal castle.
<—- Spear bearer

If you have already completed the game 1 or more times, then I recommend replacing the dead gut with a respite, which can be obtained at the starting location using the ability “Leave the body” (The rune drops after the first kill of the Hand of the King).

Note: At your discretion, you can replace the weapon master instinct with another mutation before the boss fight, which gives a buff to HP.

Pumping and route
During the game, if possible, we take the scrolls of brutality, since this is our main parameter (The higher the brutality indicator, the more damage). If the scroll comes across vitality and tactics, choose that, which gives more HP. Any route, but I advise you to be careful at the location of the crematorium, because there are thorns – mobs, which have a shell on their back, if you hit it with a melee weapon, you will get hurt in the face.
<—- Scroll of Tactics + survivability

<—- Brutality

<—- Thorn

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