Unturned: Holiday guide to December achievements 2021

winter achievements 2021


this guide will tell you how to get new achievements for upgrading 10.12.21
to quickly get achievements, they can be obtained in single player mode with the issuance of loot and without other players.

Santa’s Little Helper | Santa's little helper 🎅
PURPOSE: help Santa to deliver gifts
we go to the Yukon map.we go to the main city of whitehors

a little east of the city there will be a broken sleigh of Santa.
read the note (not necessary)
and take everything 4 gift
then we carry them around the city

-shelf. plot
-fire station
-ice rink

(aim at the green marker and press the interaction button)
we return to the sleigh and pick up the gifts
-gilli set

Architect | Architect ⛄
PURPOSE: make a huge snowman
go to the PEI cardheading to TAYLOR BEACH

we find the first snowman behind which there will be a wooden structure.
push the snowman on the carrot nose

after which you need to press on the noses of the snowmen in a certain order, walking along the line from the first to the last
take a shovel from the gift that appears and go dig the snowdrifts
need to collect
– 12 snowballs
– 10 metal id[67]
– 2 pine log id[41]
– 4 carrot id[329]

collect a big snowman and rejoice(:

Cookie Cook | baking cookies 🍪
PURPOSE: bake cookies
go to the map RUSSIA
sail to LIBERATOR and approach the cook

take the quest GINGERBREAD ARMY
and start the process of making cookies

take flour from the table
fall asleep in a bowl
add eggs and chocolate bar
interfere id[470] id[83]
pour the mixture onto the baking sheet
we send to the oven
put it on the table
and take away the cookies


A Star in the Sky | Star in the sky 🌟
PURPOSE: supply power to the garland hanging on the TV tower
go to the WASHINGTON cardwe go to the main city SEATTLLE

with a pickaxe (storm) we extract ice from ores located throughout the city
we go to the foot of a tall white TV tower
you need to have with you
– 5 ice crystals
– 4 metal id[67]
– 2 chemistry id[67]

put everything in its place
and put the battery
achievement received!

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