Phasmophobia: Advice & Cursed items

Everything important about cursed objects from A to Z


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Cursed items 𝓛𝓘𝓢𝓣

🙍 Shoots for every second 7 reason.
🎪Displays the ghost's habitat.
🔨When 0 the sanity breaks down and starts
🔪 damn hunt.

📻Music box📻
🔺Makes the ghost sing and move towards the casket.
🔻If she is in 5 meters from the ghost, he will start walking.
🔸 If the ghost touches the boxes, it will start
🔸 cursed hunt.
🔷If you throw the box while it is playing, it will start
🔷 cursed hunt.
🔵 There will be no hunting if the ghost is far from the box
🔵and the melody of the box will end.

⌨️Ouiji Board⌨️
● Communication with a ghost costs you sanity!
● Install the EMF (available 5 level)
● Say goodbye before leaving otherwise
● the cursed hunt will begin.
● Will break when 0% reason and begin
● damn hunt.
● Say "Hide and Seek" to start 5 second
● countdown to the hunt.
● You can find out your sanity.

🧸Voodoo doll🧸
💚Pokes the doll with a needle forcing it to do
💚 that either.
💙If the needle enters the heart, it will start
💙 cursed hunt.
💔Using affects the sanity!

🩸Circle “Summons”🩸
👺 For every candle -16 reason ( Total 5)
👻The ghost will show itself! Take a picture of it!
👻After 5 seconds he will start a damn hunt.
👺Use to get EMF 5 or answer
👺 by radio.
👹Can use 1 time.
👺Use while hunting instantly
Will kill you.

⚖️Tarot cards⚖️
Deck of 10 random cards. Cards can be repeated.
Death (18%) Begins a cursed hunt.
Devil (5%) Triggers an event (let's say the whisper of a ghost)
Fool (17%) No effect.
Hangman (1%) Immediate death.
Hermit (10%) Prevents the ghost from leaving his room to
limited time.
Moon (5%) 0 reason
Sun (5%) 100 reason
Priestess (2%) Resurrects a random teammate
Tower (18%) Increases activity
Wheel of fortune (18%) + or – 25 reason. You can understand
by color. Green +, red –

The damned hunt is:
Starts over cursed objects.
The hunt cannot be stopped because of the crucifixion
All next hunts will be longer.

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