Tiny Bunny: Guide to Killing All Ducks Easy

If you are a handshake or you are just too lazy to spend a couple of hundred attempts to kill all the ducks in one go – this guide is for you!


How the mini-game in Bunny works
The game consists of three rounds, each of which has 4 subroundings. Round – these are the departed 8 ducks, after which we see a comment from Oli, like here:

Now about the sub-rounds: flies at us 4 times by 2 ducks, after every two a dog appears and laughs at our curvature.



Saving without the risk of breaking the game
The first two rounds can be safely passed, killing all the ducks the first time, just save for the moment, as Olya says, before the start of the round and after its end.

Moments, when is it worth saving:

Saves for the third round
Kill everything 8 ducks in the third round is very difficult, so we will continue to shaman.
ATTENTION : if you step away from this guide and try to change the order of actions a little – save will break, so be careful.

so, you have a save with talking Olya before the start of the last round, load it (or save here, it is advisable to throw things 4 such saves, to have a couple of spare, and overwrite the rest).

The first thing to do is reboot and shoot until then, until we kill both of the first two ducks to fly, waiting for the dog to appear (it will be like here, only 2 two ducks in the teeth):

The dog disappears, two more ducks take off – now we are saving to one of the prepared 4 saves, it is important to do it quickly, until a new dog came out, otherwise the game may break.

We now have saving from that moment, how the first two ducks have already been killed, you can boot on it, BUT DOWNLOAD ON SUCH SAVE (WHEN DUCKS FLY) POSSIBLE ONLY WHEN IN THE GAME THEY ALSO FLY (load from another – break the game).

Couldn't kill two ducks that flew out – wait for the next to appear and load the save again and try to kill again. Were able to kill ducks - wait for the next ones to take off and save, repeat until you reach.

If you have any problems, you can go to save with talking Olya – he always works.

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