Sea of Thieves: Guide to megalodons

Megalodons in the Sea of ​​Thieves.



Now I will tell you about another sea monster, after the kraken - about the megalodon.
so, megalodon is a giant shark, several varieties. Attacks ships on the high seas, but does not swim near islands and will eventually leave, if you stay close to the ground.

Varieties of megalodon:

  • Greedy Mouth - blue megalodon, with glowing blue fin and green eyes. Common view, 5 doubloons for murder, Greedy Mouth Hunter title.

  • Crowned Queen - a purple-colored megalodon with a purple luminous fin and light purple eyes, Less common, 10 doubloons for murder, title "Hunter of the Crowned Queen".

  • Shadowmouth - dark blue megalodon, has red fins and orange eyes. Less common, 15 doubloons for murder, Shadowmaw Hunter title.

  • Ancient Horror - gray-yellow megalodon, with yellow luminous fin and green eyes. Less common, 25 doubloons for murder, Ancient Horror Hunter title.

  • Hidden Spirit - megalodon-albino, light gray, with pink fin and pink eyes. Extremely rare and shy. 50 doubloons for murder, the title of "Hunter of the Hidden Spirit".

Killing Megalodon is hard enough, his health level varies depending on the type of ship you have. Damage to the ship ~ 1-4 holes.
The appearance of any of the varieties of megalodons does not depend on the place, neither from the weather

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