Everlasting Summer: How to properly cut veins?

After completing this wonderful game, to the no less wonderful ending of Lena, there is a violent desire to open up. In this guide, I will show you how to do it right.


Preparatory process

Before going after Lena, need to prepare
First stage

First we need to find any sharp object, be it a kitchen knife, machete just like Lena gygygygyg or iron ruler, in short – пoxyй

Second phase

After we came from the shkila, we make sure that there is no one at home. A little, God forbid, they will save you and you will be left with crap shorts, without a beloved girl by your side

Third stage

If there is a bath-axyenno, make sure you get warm water (if you have at least an education 7 classes, you know what heat expands (in our case) vessels, which will make it easier for us to find them) and go to bed let's die just like Semyon gygygygygygygyg
If not, xyovo, but you can open up while sitting and on the push, so – пoxyй

When everything is ready, you can start

After getting settled in the bathroom (or push) with a cold weapon in hand, it's time to find veins on your hand, it shouldn't give you any problems. of course if you don't weigh 2 centnery gygygygyygyg

moment of truth

Well, when they already laughed at my sparkling jokes, we start the process. Be sure to cut along, and not across, as Syoma insisted, because, so death will come much faster, as the area of ​​damage increases and, accordingly,, blood flows faster and more.


Well, after a successful opening, you can evaluate the guide)

I hope everyone understands that this is just a roflo guide (by the way my first) and should not be taken seriously

and I'll tell you a secret, that in the next world there are no 17-year-old girls with dark purple hair in pioneer uniforms, what if my father gave me
From stupid

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