Everlasting Summer: Alice – Good ending

Hello everyone! And in this guide, I will go into detail, how to reach a good ending for Alice.


Briefly about getting endings.
To get that, or another ending in the game – you need to score a certain number of points.
Same, it is advisable to pay attention only to that character, which you want to reach.
for example, my friend Lenofag – went to Lena's good root, even though I played for the sake of it, to complete the game.
He liked Lena as a character, and he decided to give elections only to her.

Let's move on to the main!
For each choice in favor of the character, you receive from 1 to 2 glasses. You need to collect at least 7, to reach the ending of the character and not become the Titan of Solitude.
(About that, what to choose in a good Alice root, I will tell you in the next paragraph)
Good ending – 9 points.
Bad from 7 to 8 .
If you win the Alice tournament, but followed Shurik with Lena,
then of course, you will not go to Alice's root.
Same, if you praised Lena's book, but followed Shurik with
Alice, you will not go to Lena either.
This is how the root system works.

Access to Alice's root.
Here we come to the most important point of this guide.
Now I will tell you how to access Alice's root.

Day 1.
When Electronic starts running away from Alice, do nothing, it will give you 1 score.

Day 2.
Agree to a dispute with Alice, it will give you 2 score, also win the argument, this will give too +2 score.

Day 3.
We act according to this scheme:
1. You know, Olga Dmitrievna asked me to help in the evening.
2. Worth going to see – will give 1 score.
3. Agree to meet Alice instead of dancing – will also give you + 1 score.
4. To escape / Stay and help Ulyana to get out – (Choose anything here, but I advise you to help Ulyana)
5. We go to Alice.
6. Coming up with another excuse – 1 score in the piggy bank.

Day 4.
1. We go to the boat station.
2. We give Alice coal – +1 score and you can go with her in search of Shurik.
3. We go with Alice.

Day 5.
1. When will Alice read, choose “Exercise caution” – give you 1 score.
2. It's important to go and find out, what Lena and Alice are arguing about.

Well, further along the plot, you go to Alice's root!)
Thanks for reading the manual., see you soon!

From Turbine

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