Terraria: Labor of Love 1.4.4. [THREE NEW SECRET SEEDS]

In this guide you will learn about the new secret seeds of the world, added in update 1.4.4 “Labor of Love”.


In update 1.4.4 Relogic delighted players with three new world seeds, that significantly change the game. If you have already completed Terraria in all possible ways, it's time to start passing on these maps.


No Traps

The developers have created a seed in which there are no familiar traps at all… So you might think when you read the name of the seed. But don't jump to conclusions. You've never seen so many traps on screen at the same time..

When creating a world, one message will be changed, namely Placement stairs will be replaced by Not plasing traps.

Traps start to appear everywhere, even on the surface.

There are also new types of traps, such as a galloping cobblestone.

Chests will contain poison traps, spraying fart gas on opening.

And at the entrance to the desert pyramid, a pleasant surprise will await you.

Look for all this and much more in side No Traps.

Don’t Dig Up

When creating a world with this seed, the Terraria logo will turn upside down.

Initial spawn point is in hell, and instead of a Guide, a Tax Collector will appear with you.

In hell you will meet new Ash trees, from which a new type of wood is extracted – Ash wood.

You can still rise to the surface, but on the surface it is always night and everything is infected with Distortion. Living trees are dry and have no leaves. Fortress repainted dark purple, and instead of clouds in the sky there are damaged blocks (new block type).

Now the Temple of the Lizards is on the surface of the jungle and repainted in purple, to match the atmosphere.

A huge Mushroom biome stretches across the lower border of the world, blocking the player from the caves.

In hell itself, under your feet, you will not find any resources, except for ash blocks. You need to climb into the caves and look for resources in them.

All this can be found in side Don’t Dig Up.

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