Terraria: Flicker Special Interactions

In this guide you will learn about the new liquid, added to Terraria in an update 1.4.4.



The new liquid is called Shimmer (flicker), and it looks like this:

New biome with Lake of Shimmer appears in NEW (created in the update 1.4.4) worlds under the Ocean from the side of the Jungle biome. Start digging down the coast and come across a stone dome with a lake of Glimmer in the center..

It can also be obtained from Abyssal Bucket and Luminite. Combine them and get the Abyssal Bucket of Shimmer.


Flicker has multiple uses. Firstly, Flicker will disassemble into components any object, player-created. For example, the Ankh Shield will be dismantled into an Obsidian Shield and accessories., added to it. Those, in turn, will be dismantled for accessories., dropping out of mobs, etc..
This also applies to furniture., who will give back the wood, or other material from which it was made, and to weapons and tools.

Secondly, if you plunge into the Flicker yourself, you will lose control of the character, it will become transparent and begin to fall through the blocks down in a straight line, until it hits empty space.

Thirdly, some items and accessories have a special interaction with Shimmer. For example, if you throw torches or arrows at him, you will get Flickering Torches and Flickering Arrows. If a slug falls into the flicker, he will turn into a Shimmer Slug. The following is a small list of currently known interactions.. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

  1. torches, arrows – flickering torches, Flickering Arrows.
  2. Bonfire – star bonfire.
  3. Purifier – Terraformer, improved cleaner form. Postmunlord.
  4. Star mantle – Shimmering Mantle, allows you to safely swim in the Shimmer and not fall through the blocks.
  5. Life Crystal, fruit of life, Mana Crystal – turn into Shimmering versions of myself and permanently increase the character's Defense, Regeneration and mana regeneration. Disposable.
  6. Pink pearl – star gem, permanently increases the character's Luck. Disposable.
  7. angel statue – star monolith, decoration. Makes the background Cosmic.

  8. Any fruit – Ambrosia, permanently increases the speed of building and digging blocks for the character. Disposable.
  9. golden worm – Flicker Worm, permanently increases the player's fishing power. Disposable.
  10. Magic Volume (blank book, sold by the wizard) – “Defense and offense, volume 2”, a book, forever strengthening all Residents. Disposable.
  11. Wand of Discord – Wand of Order, improved version, no cooldown and no damage. Postmunlord.
  12. Shiny slime ball – will appear Slime-Diva, one of the new home slugs.
  13. Wandering Trader's Hat – Traveling Trader's Bag, permanently increases the number of items sold by the Traveling Trader. Disposable.
  14. Enchanted Sundial – Enchanted Moon Clock, once a week allows you to skip one day until the night (Sundial scrolls through the day until morning).
  15. Any emblem from the Wall of Flesh – changes to another emblem, now it is not necessary to kill the Wall several times.
  16. Any animal (bug, frog, rabbit etc. .) – turns into a fairy, have no benefit.

In addition to all of the above, you can change the appearance of all Residents, Wandering Trader and even Santa, dipping them in shimmer. Everyone got new beautiful models, no one was cheated.
For example, this is how the Wizard looks like after bathing:

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