Terraria: How to kill a world eater

so, I want to tell you, how to kill the eater of worlds. This is an unrealistically difficult boss, which the old terraria still cannot pass.


The first steps.
Paragraph 1:

Finally we get to the point. First we need… money. We need a computer. Have money – buy, and read the manual further. Have a computer? Then just keep reading the manual..

Paragraph 2:

Yes, you need to buy the game. But if you were not called to a rich party, or you are blocked from donating, that is the way out, but only for people, who pumped the skill of mastering the keyboard, and by clicking on the mouse button. We start downloading the game from the Internet. the main thing, to make the site look suspicious, and there was a strange file, and not a game, then it will definitely be possible to establish. Do not rely on these other sites of yours, they'll just throw you there.

Paragraph 3:

Wow! You already have a game? Excellent, move on. We need to create a character. This is also very difficult. Appearance and name can be anything, but choose the hardest difficulty for the character, because we are just being deceived, she is the lightest.

Paragraph 4:

Now we need to choose the world. To do this, in the side we write “for the worthy” – it will make it easier for us to play. Choosing spoilage, where you can summon this invincible boss. We choose any size, because size doesn't matter). We create the world.

Boss kill
1. Preparation

The world is created, all is ready. Now it remains to prepare. To do this, go through the game, we get the best clothes and accessories, we turn the whole world into spoilage, so that the boss doesn't run away. We are building an arena for the whole world, and then I nay you… cheated. A big world had to be created, that it would be easier to kill him. Stocking up with tons of summons, because the first attempt to kill him will not work. Now we are left with training

2. Training

Before a fierce and dangerous battle, we need to practice. Kill any starting bosses there, like Moon Lord and Empress of Light by day. They will seem very simple compared to this imba.. Practice advice for a couple of hundred years, not less.

3. Lute Fight

So the main zeskach began. To kill him, stocking up on potions inventory, hilok, solar armor, legendary zenith, a bunch of imbe accessories. So, what skills do we need, to kill this boss:

  • Years of mastery
  • Be able to see
  • Be able to breathe
  • Be able to press keys
  • Be able to think
  • Be able to exist
  • Be able to live
  • Be able to click 5-10 once an hour

Yes, as you can see, requirements are great, well, what did you expect from such a boss? You need, holding the zenith, click on it, and parts of his body with the left mouse button. The battle will last for a very long time, whole 5-10 seconds, BUT you still need to train it a million times..

4. Victory. (at last)

And so, you have defeated the strongest boss of the game, you got loot, there you should have a scarf, which looks cute on the character, that's why we killed the boss. Well, and also for the title of one of the best players in the universe in this game. Congratulations!!!

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