Terraria: All city slugs are pets

I will tell you how to get all the slugs for the achievement The Great Slime Mitosis


Total city slugs 8

1. cool slime
Comes when one of the villagers starts a party. The slug won't come if you use the party center.

2. Elder Slug
Located underground at the level of the caves, mostly underground, and locked in an unusual chest. You will need a golden key, to open the chest. The chest is moving, like a slug( He is jumping ),so it's easy to see. Elder Slug will not appear until then, until Skeletron is defeated. Lifeform analyzer can help find it. The chest will disappear, if you go far enough.

3. nerdy slug
Appears after defeating the Slime King..

4.slug – Armorer
Throw a copper helmet at any slug. He will turn into a city slug. Royal gel will help not to kill slugs by accident.

5. Sullen Slug
Can be fished from any body of water during a blood moon.

6. Clumsy Slug
Can be found randomly while flying in a hot air balloon on a windy day. Unlike other balloon slimes, you need to be at the level of the Cosmos for it to appear. Flying islands can be a good place, to wait, until one of them shows up. If you don't catch her , she will disappear.

7. Diva Slyzen
When throwing Balls with Shiny Slime(They fall from the Slug Queen) in the new liquid flicker it appear

8. mystical slug
Being in the jungle biome, you can meet the mystical frog. Using a cleansing powder on her(bought from dryad) turn her into a city slug. You can accidentally kill her. Also, the Lifeform Analyzer can help you in your search.. Monsters can kill her too!

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